Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can you hand me that please?

The pictures for this sale were great.  I was excited to go.  The line was long and the regulars were out.  Those men that have nothing better to do than get there at the crack of dawn and lay their bags down to mark their spots and then run to their trucks for warmth.  I had a bad feeling going in. 

 I knew what I wanted from the pics on the internet, but you can never tell the layout of the house and where the items are.  It was dark too.  But, there it was...on the top shelf in the corner by the checkout.  

All the men in my family (on my side) have been in the Air force and aviation.  I have an affinity for these old children's lunch pails and this one had my name on it.  The man in front of me was eyeing something on the lower shelf when I asked him to please hand me the tin.  He proceeded to check it out, tell me that it was too good of a price and hold on to it.  Excuse me sir...I did ask you to get that for me as you were looking at something else.  Well, I need to let you know that I don't normally do things like this, here you go.  I would just keep it for myself.

You know he was going to snatch it up and sell it at high dollar in a booth somewhere or on ebay.  That was until I stood my ground.   Now it is cleaned and will be well loved.

The prices weren't great but the stuff was different than the everyday sales.  I love the Dennison seals, the pillowcase will go in my stash for a skirt later on.  This poor Putz house needs attention and I couldn't leave it behind for the trash bin.

School chalk, red clips for Christmas, optical ruler, and a cute Jack and Jill red record.

Darling cards.  The curler one is too cute.  The postcards were  happy surprise.  I rarely run across these at sales.

A view inside the curl card.  The little rubber curler is just too cute.  The  bug reminds me of the grumpy old man who tried to steal my pail.

Seriously, these people try to take out the staff at these sales getting in the door.  Shouldn't they just be excited to be there like the rest of us.  Sometimes, it is just not worth it ladies!

I need to reorganize the studio to put this pail in its rightful place of prominence.


Nan said...

The idea that rude man would actually try and keep your little lunch pail is so pushy, he figured a woman would back down from him and I'm so glad you did not. I enlarged all your finds and they are wonderful. My dad gave me a card so similar to that one with the curler.

obsessed scrapbooker said...

Love your blog! Found it via Magpie Ethel!!!

Georgia Peachez said...

Good girl for standing your ground. Why oh why is the line at every estate sale full of 70+ seniors? What could they possible need? I swear they are there just to delay my experience. xo, suzy

craftyles said...

You really hit the jackpot. I love the lunch pail and I'm glad you stood your ground! Wish we had sales like that around here in Texas!

Unknown said...

What fun things you got as well as your thrift store finds. I'm not brave enough to go to sales like these. I need someone to go along who knows the ropes! I would have told the man to keep the pail if he liked it then cried all the way home! Treasure found here! Elizabeth

Beedeebabee said...

What goodies you brought home! I love that pail and those cards too!...You have such a charming blog! Have a fun weekend! :) Paulette