Sunday, December 19, 2010

Storybook Bathroom

The half bath off our kitchen gets the most use in our house.  When we moved in years ago I attempted to take the ivy wallpaper down but the walls weren't primed and most of the plaster came down with it.  Venetian plaster was our answer during the late 90's.  Two years ago we did a mini-remodel on the kitchen and which gave me good reason to change the half bath.  

I started by painting the room a pale grey/blue.  Then I added all the things I love.  Metal frames, lithographs of babies and pets, curtain pins, tea towels with ruffled vintage fabric trim that I added.  The only thing I couldn't find is a towel ring.  This is one that is making do till I find just the right one.

I love the shadows these frames make on the walls.

A collection of Junior Elf books in another favorite (white enamel dishes).

Next to the pedestal sink is a vacant space that I filled with these great finds.  I have two of the fridges.  They are great storage pieces that are so sweet to display.  A pink decaled bowl sits in the middle of the table.  Above hangs a collection of ironstone platters in the favored blue.  I wanted to make sure that it was eclectic enough to house more than the kiddie stuff.  

Inside the fridge we store just the necessities...

Over the tank sits this little dresser that holds my daughters comb and brush as well as her ponytail holders and clips.  The metal shelf came from etsy and I filled it with some thrifty finds.  Tea towels, baby pillow fabric, Lefton pieces, cotton ball bunny, baby china and the cream planter.

Over the sink I took a thrifted mirror and painted it cream, glazed it and touched with just a hint of gold over the overlay.  The picture came out fuzzy, sorry.  The cream fit in beautifully.  I used an old enamel pail as a trash bin and kiddy chamber pot to fill up the floor space.  

My family loves to read all the books and I love to add to the pieces and change them out.  The color made a huge change from the boring brown.  

It reminds me of a child's storybook that I could read over and over.


ImagiMeri said...


I'm responding to your question about how to copy Flikr images, from Elizabeth's blog "Creative Breathing." When you go to Flikr, click on an image you like. Once it's visible, right click on it and it should give you an option for viewing a certain size of the image. Choose the smallest size, which is usually medium 500, and click on that choice. The image will reappear and then you just right click on it again and save it wherever you choose. I hope this helps, you can contact me at to further clarify.

Unknown said...

Look how many followers you already have! We are absolutely loving your vintage "show me's". I think your decal makeover is so very sweet! Their crackling truly makes the cupboard look vintage!
Flickr downloads, I am thinking you need to sign up for a free account. You are already part of their company by having a blogspot. Here are some over the top cute cards to practice on Search m33belowzero (choose People)
Click on little plus sign at top right of photo. Image will Preview, click on little boxes top right of image, choose size you would like, click SAVE IMAGE AS (This person is sharing their images with you!)
Now try * jenny b allsorts who does not share Go through the same steps, but after choosing your size, click SAVE PAGE AS. In your desktop folder you will see a file that says Flickr photo sharing and also a single page. Open the folder and drag the image to your desktop. From there you can drag it into a folder you have created.
When I "borrow" someone's image (none of us own the image)I always ask permission first. Most individuals will say yes if it is for personal use only.
Please let me know if you get "stuck". Once you figure it out you will have hundreds of images collected in your own files, paper art just a click away! Elizabeth

Becca said...

I found your blog this morning through Elizabeth's blog. I enjoyed my visit very much. I'll be back soon.