Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome Gnome

Sometimes I find fabric that is just too fun to pass up.  Sadly, it will sit in the stack until I find a project fitting for it.  I might move it around my office.  Pull it out a couple of times.  Eventually, I get around to it because it is just as cute as can be and deserves to be stitched into a piece of work.

Last year this Michael Miller Gnomeville fabric came out.  A quick order of the lot in half yards guaranteed this charming fabric would soon join my stash.  I spent more than six month enjoying it in its folded state before it demanded to be worked with.

Patchwork and gathering.  Rick rack and trims.
Here's what I came up with.

There is not a room in my house that this will match.  It is just pure fun. 

The fabric on the back is a panel that depicts the gnome town.  
There are laundry lines, toadstool houses, gnomes riding bees (so cute) and loads more.

A quick envelope closure on the back for washing.  Finished with rick rack for the edging.  

On another note...Happy Harris of Happy Loves Rosie stopped by to help me out with a little blog updating.  I am sure there will be more.  I am one of those people who is never done.  Anyway,  Happy was a dream to work with and has a stunning blog as well.

I do hope that you all enjoy the changes and updates...I am loving the images.


Nan said...

Oh I love your new blog look. I didn't know Happy did blogs. I visit her blog quite often I guess I missed that. Also I must tell you I have that fabric. I had a fit for it last year and bought some then thought the better of it and bought more. Not sure what I'll make out of it. I was almost thinking curtains for the craft room but I don't like to curtain our windows here, hum something will come to me.

kluless said...

I love the new blog look and the pillow as well. Art for art's sake - perfect!!

Unknown said...

Renee, Your pillow makes me smile! Your market bag makes me smile! Your wonderful way with vintage things really makes me smile! Okay, I'm in a really happy mood now. I'll take it with me into the weekend. Hope yours is good as well! Elizabeth