Friday, March 11, 2011

Career Girl

High rises and bustling cities versus picket fences and pacifiers.   Tough choices for a young girl.  I dreamed of both worlds.  Fortunately for me my brief stint in college brought me my MRS. as well.  We mutually agreed that having both of our mother's work outside the home did not benefit us growing up. Together we  made the decision that I would stay at home with the kiddos.  Believe me my husband has to remind me of this regularly...It is not always picket fences and children wearing halos here.  Some days I would give my left leg for a pant suit and a packed lunch.

Oh the sweet dreams these lithograph houses help make though....I have hunted for the perfect house.  Not bent, not rusted, well kept and some furniture.  A girl and can dream...and then wishes do come true.

My beautiful Cape Cod came equipped with all of the above amenities.  I was browsing the antique store when I bumped into the dealer and we struck a deal.  This was her doll house as a child and her daughter wasn't interested.  I told her I would take great care and love it to bits.

No stickers here.  Just the gorgeous glossy tin litho.  

Tin soldiers parade in the nursery.

A musket over the fireplace...of course. 

I love that lamp fixture over the sink (my daughter loved placing the furniture).  See that pull cord.  Details...details.  I had planned to hang this on he wall (like a shelf) and put pin cushions in the rooms.
I had trouble seeing the detail so I decided to put it on a lazy susan so I can house things in it and turn it to see the front of the house or the back.  Until I decide to move the furniture again and again.
The career girl in me can always pretend I am the decorator until its time for carpool.


donna said...

I love your little cottage.

Lee said...

Fantastic shape! You really found a gem.
It is one of my passions(obsessions) to surround myself with joyful things from my childhood. Always bring smiles!
Thanks for sharing!

Maria McCabe said...

I had one just like this! The memories these pictures brought back made me smile. Thank you for posting them.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I adore your dollhouse. How nice that you could rescue it. Dollhouses are one of my weaknesses when I'm exploring my favorite antique market. My mother and Lee (who posts on your blog) belong to a miniature club. Their work is stunning. My sister and I were blessed with homemade dollhouses with lots of furniture and accessories. Such happy memories. I'm glad I have girls to share my dollhouses with. Happy Saturday!

birdie blue said...

it's absolutely gorgeous, renee. it looks like the little litho house has found the perfect home. so meant to be! i know you were looking for the perfect one, and it doesn't get more perfect than that. love it!


Gmama Jane said...

I too, had one just like this but my house was red brick. Oh how I loved placing the furniture and pretending for hours!! I would dearly LOVE to find one of these for my granddaughter or just me!!! Was it very expensive?? How would I find one of these??/ Just by luck???
Gmama Jane

GardenOfDaisies said...

I love your dollhouse!! It's in such perfect condition!!