Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Princess

A few years ago I did a brief stint at our church's preschool.  It was so much fun.  Playing with the kids and watching them grow was such a gift.  My own kids are far past the preschool stage.  One of the girls favorite games was Pretty Pretty Princess.  You put on jewelry every time you landed on a gem.  Imagine my awe when I spied this sweet sewing gem at a local flea market.  

Oh the decal detail.  This is cute enough to leave out in the den. Sturdy and fashionable.  

This is my kind of game.  It too includes places to put my gems...spools, needles, stitching projects....

A gorgeous shade of green equipped with its own Princess label.  A vintage wicker sewing box...from a time when sewing was a staple in life.  Something that we kept proudly in the den.  Judging from the talented community,  I think its making a comeback!

Quick update on my tin treasure doll house.  I ended up hanging it on the wall anyway.  Its removable and just sits on two screw heads.  If you peek in the windows you can see all the furniture. This caused all commotion to break out and cleaning ensued.  The fridge found a wall place as well.  I hang all of these with those magic 3M peel and stick labels.  That way I don't have to deal with the holes.  


Angela said...

What a great way to display them! So cute.

Mecky said...

Your sewing basket is cuter than mine!! Mine is just like it, but has a floral decal and my lid comes off. It isn't attached by the rope. Aren't they wonderful basket?

Nan said...

The photo with the doll house on the wall is great, I have a comment on the modern screen to the right, what is that doing there? It actually looks out of place in this setting. You card rack is almost blocking that so I wondered.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been picking up sewing baskets...not that I have any of your sewing talents, but because I love them for storage in my craft room. Your floral decal is so charming.

My dollhouse is sitting on my craft room floor under my open hutch, but I think it's coming out soon and getting a few Easter touches for my sun room shelf.

Your blog is always such a lovely way to start my morning!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Oh-- the sewing basket is so wonderful!! i am now on the yardsale/thrift hunt for one of my own!

Folky Dots said...

I LOVE the little fridge and toaster. So sweet. I had a metal fridge, ironing board and iron when I was a girl and I loved them and played with them all the time.

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Renee, that sewing box is to die for! Love the image on're so blessed. I also love your doll house, and how you displayed it.


birdie blue said...

adorable renee. i've three of those baskets, love them for their storage capacity plus all of the fun vintage sewing things they were filled with when found.

your dollhouse looks a m a z i n g on the wall. love it.