Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chenille Fun

Fascination for vintage crafts drew me to this novelty craft book via etsy.  The flowers drew me in.  I thought it might be fun to make a few for some corsages and such.  Once it arrived I realized all the goodies inside.  Maybe I should trade my sewing machine in for some chenille stems?

Can you believe these are pipe cleaners?  Gorgeous!

Familiar that squirrel.

I am smitten with these camels.  Nativity scene stealer's. 

Super cute...I might not have the patience for these.

The Santa beard.  Genius!  I am telling you I am going to be a crafting mad women over these.

Diagrams.  Simple picture diagrams with few words make all the difference in my understanding of crafts.  What on earth does Celtigal mean?  My spell check doesn't recognize it.   It just happens to be the one chenille stem I like full and fluffy, but really what is the common name?  Looks like I will be keeping my sewing machine after all.

Tomorrow is Friday....I will be using the ever popular random generator to find the lucky winner of the Gingham Apron.  Check back tomorrow evening.  I will be spending the day at the Garden Center  getting my Spring plants.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I would have snatched up that craft book in a second. That gives me an idea to post my collection of vintage craft books on my blog in the near future. I'm guessing you and I might even share a few of the same ones.

PS. I spent 7 hours outside today helping Chris cutting back our ornamental grasses and raking out the flower beds. I played a game with Josie called "who can pick up the most sticks in our yard". I'm so sore but the fresh air was divine. I used the macro setting quite a bit on the camera today. I'm allowed back in my craft room tomorrow after spending the whole day outside...hee hee.

donna said...

What a neat book. I just love your vintage pictures.

Kimberly said...

Great book! I love the monkey on the palm tree... so creative!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Yes...the vintage pipe chenille stems! I am often spouting the virtues of the vintage pipe cleaners and it is true! That one diagram shows just how many varieties there are. I think the term "celtigal" refers to almost a continuous pipe cleaner, that is fluffier. I have some that come in yards and yards lenghts and have that same fluffy look. I really like the string chenille and the bump chenille for crafting. I rarely pass by vintage pipe cleaners. Craft away...

Into Vintage said...

For a moment, I thought this book might be something written by Magpie Ethel! How cute is that little monkey climbing the tree?!

GardenOfDaisies said...

What a fun book! I have some older crafts books that belonged to my mom, and they have such great ideas in them.
I have that little Snow White card. It's part of my paper doll greeting card collection.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful book Renee you will have a lot of fun with this book

NanE said...

What a classic old book Renee! Those camels are so fun! Love the image at the top of the post too. Have a great weekend, Nan