Thursday, July 28, 2011

Felt Friendly

 My photo troubles are getting worse.  These photos are by far the most miserable I have taken in a while.  No matter what I do in the photo editing department they are still dismal.  This weekend we are camera shopping.  For me its like buying a new bra.  Who wants to spend that much money on a piece of equipment?  My husband has been pushing for a DSLR for years but I hate to lug it around  and deal with the lenses.  I am more of a point and shoot kind of girl but the quality is clearly poor.  With all of this in mind please bear with these poor photos.

I am working my way through these darling patterns of Elizabeth's.  Picturing a small white feather tree in my studio full of felt ornaments.  This is the Bavarian Set...

Spanish couple adorned with vintage trim and doll button earrings.

Polar bear fits I tell you...I must have re-stitched him three times and still I think he could be better...Either way this is the Eskimo couple.

Thought you might like to see how I keep my patterns.  By sliding the instructions, pieces and a photo into a clear three ring sleeve I can pull it out and be ready to work any time.  Most of the time I will cut my felt pieces and slide it in the sleeve along with matching thread for clutter control. 

All of these are kept in an enormous 5 inch binder that was on one of my kiddos school supply list but never used.  I quickly made use of it.  All of these patterns are available on Elizabeth's website.  Truly a generous creative soul.  

Meri these are for you...a sweet busy boy in his coveralls.  

This set is definitely newer...hence the vinyl toy tools.

I must head out and harvest the money off my dry tree so that I can afford a camera...ha!  One year my mom decorated the Christmas tree in one dollar bills.  It was cute.  Lots of research will be happening so that I pick the right one...wish me luck!


MomWaldsPlace said...

What delightful little felties!

I suppose it is too late to share with you that point and shoots have come a long way. The quality of smaller digital cameras nowadays is amazing. That is what most "professional" bloggers are using. In fact a lot of experienced photographers are starting to experiment with their phones!

Don't think of a new camera like a bra (blech), think of it has the expensive shop tool hubby has been lusting after. After all, what's good for the gander...

Musings from Kim K. said...

Elizabeth would be so proud of your felt creations. I certainly am! They are just delightful. Good luck camera shopping. I'll be anxious to see what you end up with. We've been using a Canon Powershot since we went to China 3 years ago and I'm constantly thinking about upgrading.

ImagiMeri said...

Thanks for thinking of me girlfriend, those are awful cute tool boxes. Hey do you do the chenille pipe cleaner animals like E does? If so, I've got some goodies I wanna' send to both of you, but it has to wait till my next pay period in the middle of August.

Hugs and love,

Creative Design said...

Bra shopping? I'd rather have a root canal! Good luck!


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Good luck! :-)

magie said...

I love the Eskimo and polar bear, made out of is so cute :) Great idea about using a binder for the patterns, and putting the felt pieces and thread in the sleeves..I think I may have to use that idea :)

donna said...

I am a point and shot gal myself. I had David build me a cloths line so I could take pictures in the sun light. Love your felt ornaments. They look like alot of fun to make I think you are doing a wonderful job.

janice15 said...

Memories from the past. I remember my brothers having the tool nice..Happy Saturday..

farmersdotter said...

What a wonderful blog you have!!! I will put you on my favorites list and hope you have time to take a look at my blog and website.
What part of Kansas are you in? My dotter lives in KC and I get down there quite often. I am starting to do a few quilt trunk shows at guild meetings, so maybe I'll meet up with you some day. I have a show at the Topeka quilt guild on the 11th of October, if you live near there.
Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter

Nan said...

I'm catching up on posts here and see this one on E's felt ornaments you are making and this makes me feel like I'm missing out not doing it too. Fantastic job Renee and the way you keep them too very sensible.