Monday, August 1, 2011


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It is of my least favorite months.   Notably the hottest month of the year in Kansas.  Tomorrow is slated for the hottest day of the year...they have said that three times this summer already but I am not counting!  Generally a busy month at our house as the kids are busy getting back to school and all the hassle of schedules.  Incredibly boring too because at this point in the summer we have done everything already.  (No vacation  because of loads of house repairs this fall...yeah me!)  Last but not least my poor birthday late in the month, just barely a Leo...Don't make me tell you how many years I got school clothes for presents.  Happy August!

zzzzz...Phog Allen is fast asleep in the sun with Pooh Bear.  Our big boy is seven years old this month and greying on his whiskers.  (Bull Mastiff)

Packages tied up with ribbons.  Look how beautiful!  What luck I have.

This sweet clock made lovingly by Miss Elizabeth it a treasure.  Matching perfectly in all its beautiful colors.  His time is always craft time.  Thank you my dear friend for such a gift.  My heart is touched beyond words.

Mollie Makes a wonderful little publication that is from England.  Found only here in the states at Barnes and Noble, when I am lucky.  It is a wonderful magazine full of handmade creations and vintage do dads.  Highly recommend!  This is the second edition, I missed the first.

Just a peek at the goodies inside.

Lagging in the creativity department of late...I took my inspiration from the front cover of the magazine.    Gathered my supplies and cut my pieces.  Evening stitching here I come.

Another apron finally planned...or maybe two.  These fabrics have been on my list all summer and it will be September in 30 days...yeah!  

This time I am going off this mother daughter pattern.  I have no idea where I got this only that it was from the Internet...sorry.  
Enjoy your early August!


Lee said...

Your dog is adorable! Love the sweet clock-lucky you!
Thanks for sharing-I hope tomorrow is the last 'hottest day of the year'!

Into Vintage said...

The clock from Elizabeth is so charming but so is everything that she creates - lucky you indeed! I need to get my hands on a copy of Mollie Makes as well -- if only B&N weren't so far away from me! Keep cool out there :-)

Kathy said...

Oh, I agree, where did July go?? We just FINALLY have summer here so I'm not worn out on the heat like the rest of the country but I feel your pain - I was getting pretty worn out on the never-ending rain this year. I hope you and your muse can create and enjoy the rest of the summer!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Popsicle...Antarctica...icicles....sending cooling thoughts your way. I love Mollie Makes magazine...have been lucky to find both issues here and fun to dream about my lack of sewing talents!

Nan said...

Oh lucky you to have a sweet clock E. made with her perfectly perfect stitches.
Never heard of that magazine but it looks delightful.
The aprons planned look so sweet can't wait to see what you come up with next. I really treasurer the one I have from you.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Elizabeth's clock looks right at home in your studio. I've never heard of that magazine. I can't wait to find our Barnes & Nobles and check it out further. I'm sorry your heat continues. We've been in the upper 90s for weeks, but nothing like your 100+ degree heat. Sending cool thoughts and early birthday wishes your way!

susanmarysunshine said...

You had me curious about Mollie Makes, so I went to their website to look for back issues. Their site directed me to where digital editions of back issues can be purchased. The website is sooooo cute. Thanks for sharing this great find.
Adorable clock from Elizabeth. How fortunate to be friends and receive one of her fabulous creations. I see that she is again taking a blogging break, this time indefinitely. A day without Elizabeth's blog is like a day without sunshine :(

Mecky said...

That is cute!!!!
I have an August b-day, too, and Yes, I did get school clothes for gifts. But I LOVED it.

So far we aren't as hot as they said we would be!! How about your area?

GardenOfDaisies said...

The little clock from Elizabeth is really sweet! I know it will have a great home in your craft room.

Becca said...

I bought the Mollie Makes magazine last week and I'm still pouring through the pages.