Thursday, September 15, 2011

I should have been cleaning...

I should have been cleaning and doing the laundry but the email came through last night about an estate sale that just sounded too good to pass up.  What if they had something incredible?  What if it was priced just perfectly?  What if there were no lines to wait in?  You see how my mind works.  Clearly no cleaning would get done with this weighing me down.  Only one thing to do...get in the car!

While it wasn't as big as the dream I had dreamt it was far better than the cleaning I had waiting at home.

Vintage Christmas that makes me love the chill in the air.  

Stupendous clowns and books galore.

Cuddly bear with a stain that I am determined to clean.  So far nothing has worked.  

Bedtimes and nursery rhymes.

Buttons and thimbles in mass quantity.  Tray for the colors.  Tablecloth in bright colors with cute little pattern.  Pink nursery fabric just waiting to be stitched.

Betsy Ross and a 1912 Presidential book.

How amazing is this litho of Lincoln's 2nd Inauguration.
This goes up through William Howard Taft.  
Restoration of this lovely book is certainly on my list.

By far the best find of the day.  Brownie hanky never used.  Cute as can be.  Cleaning was definitely worth putting off...right?


ShabbyESP said...

What great finds!!!
Much better than cleaning ;-)

Suzann ~xoxo~

ImagiMeri said...

Yes, you were right to put it off, besides there's always tomorrow to clean.


birdie blue said...

love the finds, cleaning was definitely worth putting off. always!

how sweet is that little brownie hanky? and the vintage books!!

enjoy your weekend, my friend.

Musings from Kim K. said...

That hankie was just waiting to come home with you. That sale was definitely much better than cleaning! I'm hoping to sneak off to a few favorite stores early Saturday. Someday...I will visit an estate sale. You and Magpie always find the best estate sale goodies.

Happy "almost" weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we must learn to always put off cleaning in lieu of an estate sale, yard sale, or consignment shop - or a trip to the dump :) Your finds are fabulous!

Mary @ Redo 101

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh, cleaning can be done any ol' day! Looks like you hit a winner with this estate sale! Super cute children's books. I especially love the Smokey the bear one. (A while back I posted a picture of my sister and I with Smokey... I don't think I had met you yet. It's with the ABC posts, letter S.) The little brownie kerchief is very cute and reminds me of a post I have been meaning to do for a very long time.

Nan said...

You hit the jackpot for sure Renee. I love the last find the Brownie hanky so sweet. I have several of those old books.

Jane said...

Of course the cleaning can wait! You got some really cute things!

Mecky said...

That is a wonderful hankie! So cool!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

You can clean any old time, but estates sales only come around occasionally. The brownie hankie is awesome - look at the pigtails on that gal! You soooo made the right decision.

Sewn With Grace said...

Wow, what great finds! I have never seen a brownie hankie, so, so cute!

Diane Mars said...

Oh I think you made just the right choice, and hey you really did find a nice group of treasures! Hugs, Diane

Denni said...

What a great haul! I love all those books.

Maybe try a Mr. Clean sponge on the bear? Those seem to work for me when all else fails.

Enjoy your treasures!!

Kathy said...

Oh! Girl, you made the right choice! These are great finds. This is the stuff that keeps us going back. Buttons! I have that same little Goody book from my childhood. Geeze, things I had as a child are collectible - YIKES!

busymartha said...

Oh what finds, the little golden books are sweet! I love all your vintage images, this is my 1st visit, I am your newest follower, thanks for sharing, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I want to see inside that "Goody" kitty book!

As much as I like to clean, I would have rather gone to your sale! I've never been to an estate sale. It's on my lists of things to do some day.

Love your little ironing girl! She would be cute on the Laundry room wall. ♥

donna said...

I totally agree no cleaning today. You have found some great finds. It just makes you want to look for more. Treasure is so addicting.

Lynn said...

Oh, yes that was definitely a better way to spend the day than cleaning!!! If you decide to sell the Betsy Ross will you please contact me at or on my blog
My craftroom is decorated with a patritoic theme and that sweet Betsy Ross doll would look so cute sitting on one of my shelves.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for vintage children's many of those you got I don't even have. Definitely a better idea to postpone the cleaning. :)

Cheryl said...

Wow you got some delightful stuff. The cleaning will never go away will it, so you made the right decision!

Unknown said...

So glad you didn't clean! I love the president book and hanky! So sweet! E

The Farmers Wife said...

The brownie hanky by far the find of the year!
Dont use it as a dusting cloth!

Betsy said...

Cleaning was definitely worth putting off! I love the vintage children's books--what a great variety of titles. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the tablecloth!