Saturday, October 22, 2011

Homemade Halloween

Over the years I have sewn many costumes.  Some have turned out better than others.  Some years my kids have preferred the store bought costumes.  In the end they always come back to me and beg me to make them something because they too have an aversion to wearing the same as everyone else.  These are a few of my favorites.

Tom and Jerry were an all time favorite.  In retrospect wire would have helped those ears a lot.  My now high schooler (oldest) came up with the idea on his own.

A mix of bought and sewn.  Keep your eye on my middle guy.  I should have known when he wanted to be a police man we were in for it with his humor.  In the orange blossom photo he is Napoleon Dynamite.  He had the character down pat...and yes I have always had a thing for big bows.

My proud Jayhawk standing on his best friend the KState Willie the Wildcat.  It is okay because we took the picture in reverse too.  The principal has this in her office.  She loved it so much.  The pirate was darling.  Shamwow Guy was hilarious because his best friend was Billie Mays (before his death).  Last years Alice costume was weary by the end of the school day.  The kids get to wear them during the parade and party at school.  It is probably my least favorite.  I rotary cut the tip of my left index finger off while cutting the tulle.  It has never gotten the feeling back.  

My oldest likes to take his sister and her friends around the neighborhood still.  While his brother prefers to hand out the candy.  I enjoy all the photo moments and the needle and thread that lead up to the day.  Makes me just a tiny bit sad that it might be coming to a close...I am loving every moment of my Red Riding Hood costume sewing this year.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Such darling costumes. I worked on a pixie costume for Emma yesterday. I would never ever let you see the stitches involved. Crud. Very crud. Both girls let me do a photo shoot today for my blog. Halloween hugs!

Nan said...

Red Riding Hood I love it. Nice photos and some not so nice memories of the finger incident.

E said...

Really cute all of them, but the ShamWow guy is my fav :) Mine just turned 28, she still loves Halloween, but I can't talk her into letting her Mum make her a costume :( But we did have some fun ones along the way. My niece has twins on the way ... I've already started saving ideas :) Ya'll have a fun and safe Halloween :)

Lynn said...

super cute memories

Diane Mars said...

What great costumes those are sure to be memories that will last the kids a lifetime!

ImagiMeri said...

I'm just lovin' the "ShamWow" guy.......LOL

Love your sense of humor girlfriend.


Mecky said...

Those are so cute. I love the ShamWow guy. That is really original.

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side! I should of added on my post that even though I grew up with an odd name, I ended up naming my girls names that are not common!

Unknown said...

aawww how cute do they all look, im loving the Tom and Jerry outfits. You are very clever ;-)) dee x

Jorgelina said...

Great costumes.
Cute memories.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Soooo cute!!! Except for the jayhawk on the wildcat!! ;-) Especially after the game yesterday! ;-)
I think you made the same kitty cat costume that I did! LOVE the orange blossom fairy. OUch ouch ouch on the finger sliced with the rotary cutter!
Halloween is always so much fun. I love the creative spirit that comes with creating costumes.

birdie blue said...

so sweet, renee. love the tom and jerry, especially. would you believe my dad is named tom, and his twin is named jerry? i don't believe the cartoon had any influence (i think the twins predate it by a number of years). every now and then at certain charity shops/antique stores i see 'tom & jerry' holiday punch bowls, that most certainly have nothing to do with their animated namesakes.

wishing you a wonderful week, my friend.

donna said...

What sweet costumes. Tom and Jerry are so cute. I love the Prissy Pirate. I can remember making my sons costumes. It was so much. I remember one year he wanted to be Beetle Juice. One of my friends and I would stay up until?? sewing. OH what GREAT memories.

Into Vintage said...

Your 'shamwow' guy is so clever & funny -- what an original idea and he looks very convincing with his headset and shamwow slung over his shoulder! :-)