Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Happy Homemaker Tag Along

While I am ready for Cardinals brightly sitting in the snow I am thrilled to be knee deep in pumpkin season.   Fall is a favorite season.  A crisp wind.  Rustling in the leaves.  Colors from a crayon box paint the landscape.  Cozy blankets and warm drinks.  Time to bake a pumpkin loaf.  Month after month of holidays.  Good old fashion fun. Thank you ImagiMeri for the sweetest Red Bird image I have ever seen.  

It is nearly the middle of October now and I can see the finish line in this year long craft tag set.  This months nursery rhyme is Peter Pumpkin Eater.   I mixed it up more than usual.  For some reason my images were two different sizes?  One of my tags still need to be labeled so bear with me.  Bright sun of crepe paper rays and green grass of pinked shears.  I couldn't resist the green crepe paper trim.

Button flowers trim the bottom while the chicken feed.  Vintage paper clip tag holder...standard.  On the larger image tag Peter's wife is running away on the back.  On the smaller image tag you can see her running away in the hills on the front of the tag.

The tag line is filling fast and sadly there is no shortage of nursery rhymes for me to choose for next month.  Oh the research I could do online...hours and hours!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Not only do I love your special tag-alongs, but I adore all the fisher price people and wooden figurines on the top of your cork board. Smitten. Completely smitten.

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, my...Fall is my favorite time of year, too, Renee! Everything about it is just so homey and wonderful!

LOVE your tags--they've turned out just perfectly! Wish I would have joined in, but life was just a little too nuts in the beginning of the year (still is, actually!) Oh, well--I'll enjoy yours!

Wishing you a beautiful evening, my friend...


Kathy said...

Love the Autumn colors you chose and that crepe paper on the bottom is a great touch. There is just something about the rustle of crepe paper!

Nan said...

Good for you to keep this up so long I pooped out!

busymartha said...

Love your Peter Pumpkin tags, sweet, sweet!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Such a cute pumpkin eater tag! The whole line of tags is just adorable!


LOVE all your tags!!! So cute to child verses and pictures!
Deb :)

Lynn said...

OMG!! Your tags are soo cute!! I also love the way that you have them displayed in your studio!!
Thanks so much for sharing!!

donna said...

Renee your tags are so cute. I just love them.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Renee! Peter is perfect for October!Love the yellow dotty paper.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know why her images turn out different sizes! :)

PS I am so not ready for Cardinals on snow!