Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonder Woman

It doesn't take much to get me motivated to sew. I can find inspiration almost anywhere.  This time it hit me while I was reading my daily blog roll.  I have a dear blogging friend in Michigan that shares my vintage love, Great Lake living, and all things tin doll house.  Musings from Kim K. always makes me smile and so on Tuesday when I spied the sweet Miss Josie sporting her new Halloween costume I knew I needed to sew her up a kitchen costume of sorts...

My Miss Claire is sporting this for show.  It really should be criminal to have this much fun.  Vintage blue dots from a recent sale mixed with new white dots on red.  Honey on the bun fabric is the yellow bee for the W of course.

Now I know Wonder Woman didn't have lace on but I couldn't resist. 

I knotted the neck tie and stitched around the W just like the costume.

The bottom portion is a vintage child's apron from a sale that needed a revamp.  Pocket is adorned with stars stitched the same as the W. 
Just as I was getting ready to fill a box to send off to Kim and her girls this came in the mail...

Brilliant Halloween goodness.  No words just pure pleasure.

Kim's talent with paper is immeasurable.  She is always adding just the right touch to almost everything she brings home.

She is just as kind as they come and very generous. This peat pot is darling.

A few vintage patterns that make me swoon.  An apron to add to my growing collection.  

I realized that there was a missing piece and then I had to go and find Claire's room.  A spool cat and kitten with a tiny pumpkin in tow.   

Getting to know like minded people through blogging has been such a pleasure.  Thank you Miss Kim for such a wonderful box of Halloween goodies and more.  I can't wait to finish up your box and ship it off to you.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm squealing over this post. I'm so darn spoiled. Many many thanks, Renee. Josie thanks you too!!! Halloween hugs!

ImagiMeri said...

Such good fun and so many sweet gifts between friends.......I love it.


Betsy said...

This apron is just so much fun! I love your take on the Wonder Woman look.

donna said...

What a cute apron. Oh and your goodie box you received some GREAT goodies. I am in love with the apron pattern.

Kathy said...

The Wonder Woman apron is adorable and you are "sew" right - blog friends are a blessing!!

Lynn said...

The wonder woman apron is soo cute!! Love your box of goodies!! Friendships are the best!!

Nan said...

Wow what wonderful gifts and the apron is just so darn sweet.

birdie blue said...

love the darling wonder woman apron, perfect for miss josie.


Sarah said...

Isn't she the cutest thing?!

Unknown said...

Oh Renee, Could your apron have turned out any cuter! It's clever beyond belief, a real treasure for your adorable daughter. What wonderful things you have gotten from Kim. I think she is such a special person. It's perfectly perfect you both should know each other!
Have a great weekend! Elizabeth

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, how wonderful, Renee! Love that you've found SUCH a kindred spirit through blogging...just about my favorite part of the whole experience!

What a wonderful package she much Halloween goodness!

Wishing you a perfectly lovely weekend, my friend!


Sewn With Grace said...

So stinkin' cute!!!!!

★Carol★ said...

You and Kim are both so incredibly talented! LOVE the apron you made for Josie, and all of the scrumptious Halloween goodies you received from Kim!