Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mail Call

I love that  packages still come to my doorstep.  No cold keys left in my mailbox to later recover a box from a far off locked location.  This week I have been so lucky to get two darling packages.  Left on two seperate days.  

Holly for Cutie Pie Cottage was so kind to send me a garland giveaway along with a handmade washcloth.  I cannot even tell you how cute this creation is.

Perfectly wrapped little balls of fabric with coordinating buttons strung between.  I feel a room make-over coming on!

Calling Doctor Dan!  The Bandage Man.  A wonderfully sweet fellow KU fan and blog reader found this copy and sent it to me.  Melissa, I cannot thank you enough.  

Look...the bandaids are still in the book!  

Thank so very much for being such wonderful friends and readers.


Mecky said...

That was so sweet of both of your readers!!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Good for you! Aren't blogging friends the BEST! Have a splendid weekend.

Kathy said...

Doctor Dan - oh you lucky girl!! I did finally find my copy of Nurse Nancy but it was in far worse condition than I remembered. Still no luck with The Littlest Ballerina, but it just has to be around here someplace.... 8+)

Anonymous said...

Yah! I am glad that you and Melissa connected..she is awesome. Doctor Dan is in your hands.

magie said...

The garland is just lovely. Love the Doctor Dan book, that is in amazing condition :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! It's so fun to see one of my creations on another blog! I'm so glad you like it!

I can't wait to see more pics from your new book! ♥

Cindy said...

I have finally taken time to leave you a post! I found your lovely blog via Kim K. (Isn't she a talented sweetheart!)Anyway, I love anything vintage and Victorian. My family and I live in a home that was built c.1892. Since 1996, we have lovingly been remodeling and renovating to make it our own.

My site isn't as lovely as your's or Kim's, but since I started ours with the adoption road to our precious Tori, I feel that I need to continue to highlight both our kids. (You know family expect it!) Anyway, I would be flattered if you came by to visit my site. Consider me one of your new fans...You are one talented lady!

Best wishes and a happy weekend to you,

Lynn said...

wonderful goodies

Unknown said...

What lovely little gifts, dee x

Melissa said...

Yea!!! I am glad Dr. Dan made his house call! I thought you might like the KU postcard. I am getting excited for basketball.
I love your blog and am glad I made you smile. You certainly make me smile daily when I read your blog!

donna said...

Congratulations Renee. Love the ball garland with buttons. Sooo cute.