Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mistress Mary

My girlfriend Amy took me out for a mental health day last week after our latest contractor mess.  The leaves are hitting their peak color and the undulating hills are giving perfect fall ruffles. You could smell the sweet hint of wet leaves in the cool wind.  The days when you feel more comfortable outside than inside in the artificial air. We could have walked for hours but the kids school hours were calling us home.

Beside the wonderful weather...we hit an antique mall on the way home.  One that I speed walked through.  Remembering Amy would rather clean toilets than antique but she would never tell me that.  Such a wonderful friend.  I grabbed this handful and couldn't be stop smiling.

Felted Irmi Mistress Mary

Peter Pan Nursery Pin Up 

1950's Tinkerbell spot on for my very own "Tink" aka our Claire.  For years we have been saying "It is a good thing she is so pretty because she is so naughty!"

Pink blossomed playing cards.

Bunnies, Ducks and Santa Claus...

A red dotty tablecloth the size of a card table.  Layered in the luck of the four leaf clover.  Luck is certainly something I need...to get these painters moving and off our home.  Never fear, another mental health day will be necessary soon.  The very bright painters decided they could paint yesterday.  Then it rained 3 inches.  Now I have all the paint that they painted on my mulch, shrubs, driveway...basically everywhere but the house.  There has been a lot of camera use at this house and not just for the blog. 

This too shall pass...just as quickly as the snow falls. 

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Nan said...

Oh dear on those smart painters of yours. Paint here is 35 dollars a gallon. I wonder how much money they wasted there?
Love that sweet tablecloth with the dots and an elephant my favorite!!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh So Adorable... I am going to have to find me some of those Vintage Playing Cards.... : )

Sarah said...

Remodeling sucks. One day our contractor started shouting that I was a b*tch (b/c I asked them to put cardboard over our brand new hard wood floors which were getting ruined) and walked off the job "because he couldn't work with me!" LOLOL I hope your paint gets ON the house soon and they get OFF your house even sooner.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Eek. I'm sorry your painters are still at your sweet dwelling. I hope the worst is over and that you can see an end in sight soon. Darling goodies. I'm completely in love with your books and table cloth. I've been busy in my craft room this evening with spools of thread. I've been thinking of you!

GardenOfDaisies said...

So sorry that your paint project has turned into such a nightmare!! I just adore that little Mary Quite contrary and her bluebells that you found. So sweet!

Susan Freeman said...

I love your finds! Just adorable. I am your newest follower. Stop by for a visit sometime.

Susan and Bentley

Kathy said...

Oh Renee, I'm so sorry about the paint and the never-ending remodel!! I'm glad you were able to get out for a little fun time. Love those playing cards.

magie said...

Such pretty buys! I love the four leaf clover table cloth..it is just so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

A mental health day! Ha-ha! You poor girl. Wish I could just wiggle my nose and all your remodel mess would be over!

What wonderful nursery finds, Renee! and that table cloth is too cute!

Did you get my e mail asking for feed back on the garland? ♥

LV said...

Wonderful red finds.

Mecky said...

My heart goes out to you. It's not easy having work done. I am so glad that you were able to get away with a friend. You would think that a painter would know to watch the weather before painting. I sure hope they don't think they are going to bill you for that paint.

You did find some cute goodies while out.
Happy Rednesday!

Lynn said...

Wow, you sure did find a lot of nice stuff on your "speed walk" thru that mall! I love it all. You and I like the same things. I just don't take pics of mine and don't have a blog. Hope your contractor problems are over soon.

★Carol★ said...

I'm the type who would need to go stay at a hotel while any kind of work was being done to my house! I don't handle chaos very well, and those painters you're using would have pushed me over the edge!
Antiquing/thrifting is my favorite cheerer-upper! Love all of your finds, especially that little tablecloth. I have the same one, and I use it to decorate for St. Patty's Day!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Mistress Mary doesn't look all that contrary!


A day filled with scarlet, they say,
Can make the sad heart skip and play;
For where red abides,
A little bird hides
And sings every worry away.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Little Red Weed

Carly said...

What fun sweet finds!

Corey said...

oh my goodness! I love everything, especially that Mary wall hanging! I am familiar with the speedwalk through the antique mall, whether because husband has permitted me to stop or because I only have a good 20 minutes before the child with me has a meltdown!

Ann said...

You found some terrific items. Love the tablecloth. I pick up playing cards whenever I find them and have never seen that pretty pink motif. Nice!