Friday, February 17, 2012

Little White Kitten

The companion to my earlier posted book The Little Red Squirrel.

This is Fluff, the Little White Kitten.

Amazingly drawn illustrations by Mary Alice Stoddard.

This cute kitty gets herself into quite the bind.

Once she gets her sweet white coat in pickle green paint.

Ooh...but wait she helps out Dickie Kitten.

As he too is all wound up.

They work together to fix their problems.

But boys will be boys and tricks will be played and this little kitty will not be fooled. Yes! Fluff socked him good.

Then purred herself to sleep.

Join me over at Corey's for Lil' Vintage Storybook Friday.

Viv of Viv's Whimsy began her morning by emptying the contents of her purse. I promised to empty mine if she promised not to laugh.

Everything has a place.  I know...I know...OCD.  I embrace it.  Trust me everyone always comes to me  and asks if I have something.  No lie I usually do.  I have had safety pins for Confirmation Sunday, nail clippers on the ball field, pencils for test takers.  What I don't have is a credit card swiper.  That has been asked.  I like to think of it as a Mary Poppins can just keep pulling things out.

Have a great weekend.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Your little white kitten book is just adorable. I {heart} your book. Your purse is so well organized. Cute stuff.

Mecky said...

I just love the little red dress on the kitty!
The lady on the bench reminds me of the little old lady that was on Andy Griffith.
That is such a sweet book.

Corey said...

I love the red and green colorway of this book! I always love anything about cats or kittens, as well...!

And I'm an organization freak as well- there's nothing I like better than cute containers, and it looks like you're the same way!

E said...

The book is so sweet. About that scanning device, fear not they have a small device available that connects to your cell phone making it possible to scan credit cards (saw it on pinterest of course) ... and I saw Vivs post, but my pic would be boring, I carry nothing and put a halt to organizing when I became so overly organized that I was disorganized :)

Amy Burzese said...

Love anything kitties. Thanks for sharing it.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Super sweet kitty illustrations!! Green tail, oh no!! :-)
Hmmm... maybe I am a little " OCD" myself. I have compartments and pouches and baggies for most things too. I always called myself "organized", but maybe it's more. LOL.

MomWaldsPlace said...

I think that cover needs to be embroidered. Am I right, or am I right?!

Nan said...

Darling book there Renee. Your purse contents is quite neat and tidy.
**What is going on with word verify ?? They put in two words now one which I cannot read. I encourage you all to remove word verifying due to the fact that blogger catches all spam anyway.

vivian said...

I love that the contents of your purse are so bright and cheerful!! thanks for sharing.. I didnt laugh at all. what I thought was I need to get a sweet little camera case to keep in my purse! lol..
I always "NEED" something else!
have a great weekend!

Hearts Turned said...

Such an adorable little book, have such a beautiful collection!

Oh my goodness--you're so very organized--I love that! My purse...not so much! I'm going to have to attack that problem...soon!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friend!


Kathy said...

Well congrats to you on the contents of your purse at least being pretty. I will NOT be showing mine, nor the purse they reside in!

maya =^o^= said...

meeeeeeoooooooow =^.^=

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Such a cute little book! And your purse? Goodness. I try to keep mine neat but always end up with bits of pieces of paper, receipts and stuff. I think it's more like a trash can and not a

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Look at that cute kitty. I am happy you share these books! Your purse contents, are just so charming!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

tee hee - I have EVERYTHING in my bag too - but in one great big heap at the bottom of my bag!
Now, is it just me, or has that there kitten eaten too many pies?
fee x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Love your book, Renee! I just found a bunch of 1930's books at the flea market the other day and thought of you and your love of old books. I may have to keep a few for myself. One was the Gingham Dog and The Calico Cat. Too cute!

Hey, not only is your blog adorable, but so are the contents of your purse!!! Nothing like having tricks in the bag!


Scrap for Joy said...

The inside of your purse is neater than the outside of mine. All the Cath stuff is dreamy!!