Friday, March 16, 2012

Doctor Dan

Doctor Dan the Bandage Man

A Little Golden Book complete with bandages!

A gift from a dear reader.

Who knew I was on the lookout for this little gem.

Right after I came upon the little book Nurse Nancy.

Thank you Melissa. I have been saving this for just the right week!

She too is a fellow Jayhawk fan. 
The team plays Detroit at 9pm Central tonight in Omaha.  Basketball season just isn't long enough...

I am linking up with Corey for another week of Lil' Vintage Story Books.

This week my Dr. Dan is busy tiling. I am sure he is ready to go back to the office now. Here's to hoping we finish this by Monday and enjoy another wonderful game on Sunday as well.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Looks like a fun weekend ahead with that tile work. I'm glad you were able to secure the Doctor Dan book. I'm sending you a separate email. You won't believe where I'm at.

Ruby Jean said...

Oh how precious is that book... And oh my that tile work looks FUN!!! :)

Barbara said...

I did not realize there was more than one Doctor Dan book. Are there more than two? Should we be on the lookout? On the basketball front: Syracuse fan, but I'm always willing to switch to the Jayhawks if (God forbid) the Orange exits early.

Tammy's in Love said...

Another LGB to watch for is Dr. Dan Goes to the Circus. I don't have that one either! The tiling is fun, we learned to do ceramic tile by watching YouTube videos last winter. Have fun.


busymartha said...

True story, Dr. Dan is my doctor! He has a couple of these vintage books in his office! I think I have a copy also, but I definitely don't have Nurse Nancy!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

You and Melissa are my two JAYHAWK blogland friends, and a perfect post for her. I love Melissa. Am glad that Dr. Dan got to you safe and sound from her...a perfect gift.

vintage grey said...

How cute is the book Renee! I love it! :) I just love the Little Golden Books. They are so sweet and the illustrations are beautiful! I am going to go check out Lil' Vintage story Books! :) xo Heather

Mecky said...

I love the pictures in that book. How sweet of Melissa to find the book for you!

I know you are enjoying the game as I am writing this!

Corey said...

I saw this book just a couple days ago, but the price was too high... so, so sweet! The way my kids love BandAids, they'd love it!

Perfectly Printed said...

Love Dr. Dan!!! And I picked the Jayhawks to win the basketball pool I'm in!
Crossing my fingers for a win!

donna said...

Love your book. Oh boy we are going to have to redo our bathroom. I feel your pain.

Kathy said...

Sheesh, this is my fourth try at leaving you a comment. Just trying to say the tile is really pretty - it looks almost like wood. Will there be a big reveal of the remodel one of these days?

craftyles said...

Doctor Dan is really cute! Have fun with your tile project. Hope it goes well. Happy St. Patricks Day!

Ana Márquez said...

Oh,my gosh, your illustrations bring me so beautiful memories! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

Big hugs from
Vintage Collages

Laura said...

The graphics are so sweet! I love old childrens books :)

Melissa said...

Okay..I wanted to write you when I read this entry but I had to wait until after the game...I certainly didn't want to jinx the Jayhawks by commenting before it was over last night. I wore my KU badge that Magpie made to the Big 12 last week and they won and then I didn't wear it on Friday and they lost so needless to say I will be wearing it from here on out! I see you have a badge like mine from Laurie. Don't you just love it?
I love your blog-it is a happy spot on the internet. And the fact that you are a Jayhawk fan just makes it all the better!
Rock Chalk!!!!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

~ I love your blog!
Im a child from the 60's, and have always enjoyed the vintage era!

Ive collected a few of these books..and enjoy finding them in thrift stores.

It sounds like you live in KS, so do I! I have some friends who are Basketball fans, big games this week! =)

Ive added your blog button to my reading blog.

Have a wonderful day!

annies home said...

love these cute little golden books did not know there was a hook up for this going there to check it out

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your new tile floor is looking good!