Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lunchbox Messages

Little Jerry is ever patient today as he pulls up a chair to watch his seeds grow. Hoping that with one more drop of water he will uncover a leaf. Soon Jerry your garden will be full and plenty.

Paper? It has been way to long since we have played together. Miss Elizabeth of Creative Breathing has offered up a swap I cannot resist. Lunch Box Social Tag Swap.

In my assembly line fashion I gathered my paper, scissors, images and glue.

Darling and Honey newly married and still thrilled at the sight of one another.

She dons her apron and pours a warm cup of coffee for him.

A sweet kiss out the door and his sack lunch for the road.

Each one a bit different...but similar in ways.

Darling rushes to greet him as he returns home. Honey helping with the dishes. 

All in the confines of this picture perfect home.

A lunch wouldn't be complete without a message on Honey's napkin.

I LOVE YOU...simply stated.

Honey smiles as he opens his homemade sandwich wrapped lovingly in wax paper perfection.

Thank you Elizabeth for a fun day with my paper dolls so to speak.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Maybe it's my recent wedding anniversary, but I am completely smitten with your special tags. Love the mini bunting in the corner. You always know the perfect touch. Your partners are going to be in love with your latest creation.

Carly said...

What beautiful tags Renee! I love the your vintage images!
Thanks for sharing!
Have a Suneday!

Tammy's in Love said...

Oh my gosh! I should have covered my eyes, I didn't want to see them before they come from Elizabeth...ooops I just scrolled down some more and looked....oh you fun girl! Those are ADORABLE!!! Mine went in the mail yesterday, I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to come!


Nan said...

Really adorable tags I could never come up with one this creative.

vintage grey said...

These are so adorable!! Are the prints vintage? What a fun swap!! I used to play with paper, but never had anything as cute as these!! xo Heather

Perfectly Printed said...

Renee, they are lovely!! Like Tammy I wasn't sure I wanted to scroll down too far... I am participating in the swap as well and am looking forward to seeing them come in the mail!! Mine are still being created...I need one more weekend! Darn it work sure gets in the way!!


Jane said...

They're just as cute as can be! Those swappers are going to LOVE them!

donna said...

I love the graphics you find. Your tags are so cute.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Oh these are too sweet for words. Love them.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Dang those are sure have a knack!

Lynn said...

lovely sweet tags! I am so jealous of all your girls that got to be in the swap! Have a wonderful week!

Lynn said...

lovely sweet tags! I am so jealous of all your girls that got to be in the swap! Have a wonderful week!

Sewn With Grace said...

You are so talented! Everything you make is so stinkin' cute!

Unknown said...

Completely adorable!! I don't know what I enjoy more, your projects, the darling images or the wonderful way you describe's such a joy to visit your blog :)

craftyles said...

So cute Renee. I love the one with the little house in the background. Cute little envelopes too!

Angelina (Lina) said...

HI Renee, I am new to your blog! I am curious where do you find all your cute images? They are amazing!

Lina B.
My fun scraps

Angelina (Lina) said...

HI Renee, I am new to your blog! I am curious where do you find all your cute images? They are amazing!

Lina B.
My fun scraps

Scrap for Joy said...

You've outdone yourself with these over-the-top-cuteness tags! I'm sorry I missed this swap. The image you used is one of my favorite "couples" image. Great job Renee. Hope I catch the next swap.

LBP said...

They are just wonderful! You have such a sense of color coordination! Cute, cute, cute!



Anonymous said...

Renee, I just love this post. Oh, so many of these things remind me of my childhood. And what a wonderful surprise to find in a lunch box. I share your enthusiasm about how to show ones love.


Unknown said...

Ahhh those are really beautiful and so unsual i love them. They would make lovely photo's in frames. dee x

GardenOfDaisies said...

Cute Cute Cute!! I hope that all your readers and swappers get to spend forever and always being someone's honey or darling.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

These are sooo adorable I absolutely love them and your creation! :) {Smiles} What a fun swap!! xo Holly

vivian said...

tooooo stinking cuteeeee! Now Im just kicking myself cause I thought I would be too busy to play! dumb meeeee! Im glad the rest of you are having fun though.
have a great weekend

Unknown said...

Renee, You have used one of my all time favorite images. I just love your tags and can't wait for the ladies to receive them. Thank you again so very much for sharing your talent with me!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot even handle the cuteness!! They are just adorable!! :)

Happy Friday!
xo Jenny

Chenille Cottage said...

My dearest Renee!
It's so great to be back home after a bit of a time away. First, the 90th birthday celebration at the beach for my Mother and, after that, several of us pitched in and helped move my sweet Mom in with one of my sisters. Mom seems happy as as clam with her new digs!

Oh, how darling your little lunch box notes are...They remind me of the love notes that I used to pencil on the hard boiled eggs I put in my hubby's lunch.
You constantly amaze me, Renee, with your endless creative ideas!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Carolynn xoxo

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Oh! So cute everything you show day by day.
I love your posts!
Besos from Argentina. Silvina.

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Oh my goodness! These are SO cute! I wish I had the time to learn and create such paper items but, at this stage in my life, I'd rather start a collection by buying them.
I remember participating in a lunchbox social or two in my teen years. They were so much fun and the anticipation of having your sweetheart have enough money to buy yours meant so much. And, of course, sharing the meal with him was very special, too ;)

Liveandlearn78 said...

Love, love, love your blog! It oozes with creativity and neatness...two traits that do not always go hand in hand. Would you kindly share your dowloaded copies of the adorable couple that you featured on your lunchbox notes? Your serendipity is an inspiration! Debra

SLR said...

omigosh, these are just beyond adorable! you are so talented, Renee...everything you make is just so sweet and so very well thought out and done! any of these types of creations going to be for sale in your etsy shop? is your shop open?