Thursday, May 17, 2012


A few weeks ago I grabbed a handful of cards tied together with ribbon on a trip to the flea market.  I could tell they were old and all had a baby theme. My excitement could only be contained as far as the quiet of the car before I gently slipped the ribbon off.

A full packet of cards saved by a mother from birth announcement to age three, including party invitations.

Easter greetings, Christmas wishes, along with little notes from Aunts and Uncles.
**to open the images in flickr you simply click on the picture, in the upper right corner you will see a tab that reads view in all sizes, click it, you will then be prompted to a page where you can download the image in several different sizes of your choice to your computer for printing.**

One opened to a beautiful honey comb...I audibly sighed...alone in the car. 
These are the images I savor and scan to open my posts. A happenstance as it was from day one. Simple sweet treasures I oh and ah over not only for the image but also for the penmanship and thoughts.  Do you think asking for a new scanner for Mother's Day was an odd request?

For my Mother I sewed up this sweet little linen and feed sack bucket.  The print was for her birthday which just happens to fall the day before Mother's Day.  

This one is my largest size yet. I added a pocket and handles to try out something new. Looking at it now I need to decrease the upper band and increase the pocket size. Hindsight!

Never one to follow the crowd, it appears I am passing this trait on to my daughter. My boys were forced to take gifts to their teachers. My daughter is the opposite. We fashioned up a tissue box and loaded it with dollar bills connected with washi tape.(something we found on Pinterest) A sweet poem on the back reads: Don't shed a tear, I'll come back to visit next year. 


craftyles said...

Oh those are the sweetest little cards. Your bucket came out cute- and no, I don't think it's odd to ask for a new scanner. I asked for Family Tree Maker Software for my geneology search. Whatever floats your boat, I always say.Cute idea with the tissue box.

Lynn said...

oh Renea,
My heart skipped a beat when I saw those sweet images!! They are just too stinkin cute!! Thank you for always sharing your finds with us!
That is such a neat ideal for a teacher gift and I am sure much appreciated!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Diane Mars said...

Ok so you know I am loving the Vintage Card Collection and I am always looking for Vintage Party Invitations to add to my Digital Collage Sheets, looks like you really made a good purchase. Thanks for popping by and checking out my Creative Space clutter is always an on going problem! But I can walk away and shut the door (:

birdie blue said...

love those sweet vintage baby cards, renee. i'll always have a thing for adorable illustrated babies. almost makes me want to go back and do it all again...

i bet your mom loved that sweet tote, and i hope you had a fabulous mother's day as well.


vintage grey said...

What a wonderful vintage card collection you have there my dear!! Such sweet images!! The tote you made for your mom is beautiful!! I am sure she just loves it!! I was a teacher and always loved when the boys gave me gifts. They would either shyly give it to me, and walk away, or secretly drop it off on my desk. The girls were always so happy to give it, with hugs, and waiting in anticipation for me to open it!! Too funny! xo Heather

Perfectly Printed said...

The vintage cards are so sweet!! And I'm sure your mom loved her gift!! And the lucky to have such thoughtful students and a mom who taught them right!
That coming from a teacher's wife!


Cheryl said...

Such treasures! I love-love that basket/bucket you made. ADORABLE!!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Wonderfully cute vintage cards! I especially love the little lambs.

Miss Holly said...

Those wonderful cards bring back such memories...I loved my parents cards when we were little..they were always sort of glamorous....they were always saved for years..and we would spend hours looking at them over and over again...

Kathy said...

Adorable - every. single. thing!! And bravo to you for instilling that crafty spirit in the little one. That is important in more ways than should be written in a simple blog comment. Good job!

Hearts Turned said...

Oh my goodness! What a lucky find, Renee! You are charmed that way, I believe...and we all benefit as you share them so sweetly with us!

Love the "bucket" you made for your mother--what a sweet thing to do! I'm sure she loves it--and what a great idea for a teacher! I know how touched my daughter would be with a gift like that from one of her thoughtful!

Wishing you a wonderful night, dear friend...and the scanner? A perfect gift, I'd say!


E said...

What a wonderful bunch of cards some of those faces are just precious. I have had a scanner on my wish list for a while, I think the family thinks I'm kidding :)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I often wait till safely in the car to look over and ooh and aah over my purchases..those cards are amazing.

The tissue box...a daughter after my own heart..a great and thoughtful gift!

busymartha said...

Cards are to die for! I saved my daughters cards also, just can't remember where I stashed them!
Your Mom's basket is adorable, love your choice of fabric!
Also love the tissue box gift, great idea! You have been one busy lady, take care Renee, hugs, Marilyn.

Unknown said...

aahh those cards are adorable what beautiful memories and images. Your gift for your mother is so pretty to. dee x

vivian said...

lucky you.. those cards look like they are in perfect shape. And your mothers gifts are so sweet. and then of course your tissue box gift is a great idea! youve always got something fun going on over here. Have a great weekend!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm so glad that vintage card collection was just waiting for you. Such darling images! The tote you made for your mom is just perfect. I'm sure she appreciates all your talents. Love the teacher gift. So darn creative!

Mimos da Claralú! said...

Hello my dear friend! How are you?
Such sweet images!! I loved!
You have a blessed weekend!

Barbara said...

Opening up packages in the car is one of my favorite things ... I can never wait to see what's inside those bundles and boxes! I love the tote you made for your mom - it looks like a perfect garden tote (as long as it didn't get dirty!)

Anonymous said...

What a fun post, Renne! ♥

Mrs.T said...

The little tote is absolutely beautiful and the cards so sweet. I have a small stash of vintage baby cards myself and guess I really should scan them. I've scanned my vintage Christmas and Easter cards and Valentines, but for some reason hadn't thought to do that with the baby cards. Thanks for the reminder -- and I think a new scanner is a perfectly reasonable request!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What darling images! Wonderful finds!! AHH I love that little feed sack you made your mom, she's one lucky lady :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Holly

Nan said...

What a very clever gift that is. Did you think that up??
I'm so happy you got the sweet vintage cards someone saved.
The Mom's bucket is too cute!!

Betty said...

Oh! I love finding old cards at estate sales. My favorite is a box that started with a teacher's engagement, wedding and first baby! What a find!!

Mimos da Claralú! said...

My dear friend! I came running to say that my gift has arrived!! You have no idea how I'm happy. I loved it, it's so pretty!
I have no words to thank the immense affection, everything beautiful, from packing up the apron itself!
Go to my blog to see the pictures after I send you a picture of me wearing the apron, e-mail. Ok?
A big hug and have a blessed weekend!
Luciana said...

Lordy that stash was quite the find! You have the magic touch for finding the sweetest treasures! I smiled when I read how you felt, alone in your car with your goodies:) The bag you made is darling too. And it looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree ~ your daughter's gifted with creativity just like you:)


donna said...

I love the sweet cards you find. The bucket for your mom is super cute. Love the fabrics. I know she really loved it.

Unknown said...

Oh Renee! I wish vintage cards would be found here in Ohio. Oddly, they are never seen. Today I purchased fabric to being to make your clothespin case. Fingers crossed for sure! Elizabeth

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi sweet Renee,
Just returning home from a weekend beach retreat for my Mom's 90th birthday...Lots of catching up to do!
What charming vintage pretties! Recently, I came across the one my Mother sent out in 1950 announcing my birth. It reminds me of the ones you posted so much!
Your Mom must surely love the darling little bucket your made for her! How very special!
I hope you have a great week, my friend!
Carolynn xoxo

Mimos da Claralú! said...

Oh my dear friend, came to thank the sweet words left on my blog. You have no idea how I'm happy when I see her a comment in my blog.
Thank you for caring.
Hugs and blessings

Maria said...

Loved your post and your blog!
Have lots of vintage cards my self,have always loved the pictures.Is it just me, but they don,t make such sweet cards like these any more? Now i am showing my age!hehex
Happy Wednesday.
Maria x

★Carol★ said...

Sometimes when I look through my collection of vintage cards, the images are so cute that I almost can't stand it! That bucket that you made for your Mom is just darling. Have I told you lately what a treat it is to visit here? Your posts always put a smile on my face!