Friday, December 10, 2010

A Hunting I will go...

 I took one look and fell in love.

I was looking through the flickr pictures on one of my favorite blogs, Creative Breathing by Miss Elizabeth  when I came across these gorgeous, glossy, muddy colored, simplistic, wooden nursery figures.  Love, I tell you.  I needed some and quick.  I had big plans.  Right up until I found out how much they cost!  Oh, my!  Some of the people online really like their goods.  I can't reason spending that much money when I am going to take them apart.  So, I was going to have to wait till I ran across them.  

These gorgeous nursery pieces were manufactured by a German American couple.  Fred and Irmi Bering during the 50's and 60's.  They sold the company in the early 70's.  Irmi Nursery Plastics made light switches, lamps, mobiles, music boxes and more.  The internet has a lot of information and tons of photos if  you too would like to fall in love.
On a trip to the local thrift there it was in the childrens section.  A beautiful vintage Irmi mobile Mother Goose and it had my name all over it.  Well, you know the price was right.  Two weeks later, another one fell in my lap at another local thrift  shop.  Patience paid off.  Drawer pulls, checked off my list.

Then I got smart, the thrift stores put lamps up high and since I am petite, I usually miss them.  Heaven only knows how many of these gorgeous pieces I missed.  Jack and Jill.  She works beautifully and I prettied up a new shade
 for her.
As if the work on them isn't cute enough, the well lights up too.

Happiness comes wrapped in tape.  This came taped to the lamp.  Super bonus.  Sometimes I get so excited at my find I want to run to the car and hide it from the other shoppers just to make sure that I keep it, even though I have paid for it.  OCD kicking in, yeah I thought so too.
This Cinderella Lamp came with the light switch that quickly found a home in my studio.  Some great 40's fabric and trim and it is set.  Behind the clock tower is a night light just like Jack and Jill's.

I can't find a tag on this one, but it was in sad shape when I found him.  I had to add a couple of  buttons and cake candle flowers to fill in for a few missing pieces, but who can turn that cuteness away?

Not quite Irmi, but its the same principal. Round face, smile and simple color scheme. This is a great planter that smiles while holding all my scissors.

I have never had to pay more than $10.00 for any of these.  Patience is a virtue I am willing to practice in order to find the right piece.  It just about puts my mom over the edge that I don't sell them online for a profit, but they are so darn cute I can't part with them.  I have a ball jar full of figures to use in various projects.  When the moment strikes.

I am always on the hunt for these smiling faces.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Those Irmi figures are adorable. I love them as the drawer pulls. I grew up with an Irmi lamp on my nightstand. I still have it - a little boy with a dog on a leash. The details on those figures is so, so charming. Keep up the hunt!

Unknown said...

Oh how wonderful your collection is becoming! I made pincushions from everyone of these pieces! The mobiles are my favorites to collect because you get more for the buck! Keep looking on the high shelves! Wonderful! Elizabeth

Sandy said...

OMG how funny you are! Saw you over at Elizabeths and new I had to befriend are a woman of my own heart. Elizabeths is my favorite place to visit, what a wonderful woman and so darn creative. Hummmmm I hope you'll come and visit me and be my new friend.
Love your blog.... xoso SANDY O

Nan said...

I have one Irmi lamp that was my kids as babies and I have it by my bed today and love it. Lucky you to find all these wonderful ones. We have not such stores here where I live.

Georgia Peachez said...

Love how you have used the vintage Irmi in the decorating scheme, especially those drawer pulls. Stinkin' cute :->
xo, suzy

Rosemary said...

oh my gosh! I am in love with your lamps and drawer pulls!!

Tammy said...

I had forgotten these! I remember my little brother having a Humpty Dumpty lamp like these! Boy, you can bet, if I ever see any of these items at my thrift store I will snatch them up for my Craft Room! What a clever idea to use them there!