Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mending my own business.

It has been one of those weeks where its just go go go and then go some more.   This one needs this and this one needs that.  It was a rough week, Friday I need a break and I only had an hour to spare.  Mindless shopping is what I to the thrift store to find treasures.

Same old same old.  I have some of those already...blah blah blah.  One more trip around to waste spare time and I spotted these beauties behind some comforters on the floor in a plastic tub. I had a seat on the floor and dug right in.

The graphics are stunning.  I haven't scanned them yet only photographed them.  I did clean them up in photoshop a bit.  Some of them had pencil marking on them  Some of them are unopened.  Love all the toys and figures.  The hardest part, the thing that scared me the most...the thrift store put its big huge price tag on the front of these.  Killed me, I did let them know please don't do that again.  I quickly came home and hairdryed those nasty things off.  Only one pattern didn't make it through the process.

  I am going to use the images to craft with.  I feel so lucky to have these beauties in my hands.  The Barbie-like pattern is darling, but I think my favorite is the New York Pattern of the girls.  So unique. 

These paper beauties were stashed away mending (ha!) their own business when I came along and snatched them up...


Unknown said...

Oh! I was thinking the same thing myself! The New York pattern is wonderful! I can't wait to see what craft you come up with! What luck to find these! Elizabeth

Nan said...

Oh I love these vintage patterns, one just came to my home today I bought on the net and paid way too much for it but I had to have it. That McCalls dress pattern 5624 reminds me so much of who has this blog where she teaches vintage sewing. Lots of young women on the net are into this now did you know? Nan