Saturday, December 4, 2010

Playing Favorites

My kiddos play this card all the time...he's your favorite.  Of course, as a parent you cannot chose a favorite child. Ornaments, are an entirely different story.  Each year when we pull them out of the containers and marvel at the ones we forgot we had and how old they seem to be getting there are a few that always stand out....

These are my favorites...

This one use to hang on my Dad's Christmas tree. 

Fantastic indented ornament with chenille trees.  Just a beautiful reminder of Holidays past.
As I finish this post, I am surprised that there are only two photos.  We currently have 4 Christmas trees in the house.  There are 3 miniature trees nestled in among them.  My husband and I have a large collection of Hallmark ornaments, but they all have stories that I know.  These vintage ornaments are mysterious.  I look at them as if they will tell me a story with each crack in the glaze or missing glittered piece.  They are mine to gift to the next keeper as my (non-vintage) Hallmark ornaments one day will be.  

When the newness wears off and the memories have been rubbed in...that's when they become my favorite.

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