Monday, December 6, 2010

Comfort in Colors

I've realized lately that I am surrounding my self in the same 3 colors.  I call them the pottery colors.  The ones that you find in that 1950's solid colored pottery --  Hull, McCoy.  They are not the same pink, blue and green we have  today.  These have a touch of brown in them that muddy them up a bit.  Make them different.  Definitely, classify them from 1950.  The time when most moms wore an apron and dads wore suits.  It is the comfort of these colors that make me paint with them, sew with them, collect them, and anything else.  Some of my favorite pieces are the vintage planters that usually incorporate some or most of the colors in them. 
 These are the comforting colors in my office/studio that my husband like to call left to right!  The place where I move papers from the left side of the room to the right side and the next day vice versa.  Funny man...told you!  He doesn't know I come here for the comfort...

These are the pottery colors!

This  was on old doll dresser in need of repair,  I spray painted,  glazed it and added some old meyercord decals.  It is perfect for my old hanky collection.

I found this old metal shelf at an estate sale and I continue to load it with craft essentials.  the old toy fridge and stove hold my ribbon and rick rack.  Yes, I have a label obsession.

The only room in my house that stays clean...most of the time.

Work in progress metal doll house.  I love this old dresser gifted to me.  I added the irmi drawer pulls off of a $3 mobile from the thrift store.  An old arm towel rack holds my sewing projects.  Yes I do need the labels.

Chockies for projects.  Pink box holds my vintage buttons, old spice rack holds thread.  Kitchen cart from flea market is indispensable.

Lincoln, usually with Murphy tucked in under my desk is fully in charge of the bone and the Amy Butler dog bed.  

A favorite piece of Beth's from Beths Bagz on etsy perched atop my old scale.  I finally splurged on the Jenny Lind bookshelf and I love it.

Super sewing station.  Hasn't seen much work lately with the holidays, but I do have projects in the works.  I love those baby prints and children's illustrations. 
I am off to get some more spray paint.  I need to paint my old typewriter cart.  Want to guess which color!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Totally, totally cute studio space and so ultra tidy!!! Love the little girl figure reading a book on the old doll dresser with decals. Great idea to use the Irmi figures as drawer pulls- need to go check out my stash and see if I can do a similar project. Fun to see a slice of your cute space....
p.s. got a great little package in the mail today..made my day!

Sandy said...

I have to comment on your dresser with the dollhouse sitting on top. OMG, when I saw it over at Elizabeths...the colors just made my heart swoon. I love the two of them on dresser..such a lovely color story. Not to mention the wonderful pulls... My heart just sings when I see a vignette that is "suppose to be"...and that one is lovely. xoso Sandy