Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Finally, it snowed.  We have been waiting since last winter for this.  Today we woke up to 3 inches and it is still snowing.  Our total is at 7 inches now. We are the family that should live in Minnesota, however, Kansas is our home and we just can't leave.  We shoveled and made forts, picked out the perfect snowflakes on our scarves, made hot chocolate and trashed the floors.  It was perfect.  Of course my husband quietly went off to work this morning while we planned our day of snow fun.

Secretly, my family dreams of a snow so high that you can't leave your house for days.  The kind that stays all winter long. When we visit Minnesota and Michigan in August we imagine driving on the snowmobile paths during the winter.  For now this snow fort will have to work.

Murphy loves the snow.  He can run and run and run.

Lincoln thinks it is a giant water dish.  He tries to lick it all, poor dog has to tinkle all day long.  In and and out.

When I got too cold to stand it, I buried myself in my room and busied myself with these great fabric buckets.  I decided to try a couple of these patterns out to see which ones I liked and to vary the sizes.  In order to make my life easier and more perfectly squared (OCD) I always double the pattern and make a set or at least coordinating set. This pattern is from:
I picked out some reproduction feed sack material and leftover paint drop cloth that I had pre-washed.

This project took me right at an hour for two buckets.  Super simple and finished nicely.  I added a vintage button for a tag if I needed it.  This one is loaded with a project of working Valentine's.

This one is loaded with all my templates.  I am constantly looking for a place to keep these right at my finger tips.  It helps me keep my projects moving and on task. 


Unknown said...

There is so much to be excited about here! Snow, and Murphy, and forts. Today is the day for Ohio to gets it's share, and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I sew want to take up sewing this year, and this project seems like one I could actually accomplish. I can't wait to try! You made my day by saying you enjoy the movie MMISL. The "Trolley" song was inspired by our downtown which has the widest street ever because the trolley ran down the center. This is truly a charming town! Thank you for visiting me! Elizabeth

Michael Wurm Jr said...

what a pretty pup!

but i'm really loving those buckets! so genius. so crafty!