Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dolly Dingle Tag Along

Literally, I am a tag along by default on this paper craft treat.  I missed the sign up by a few minutes.  Man those things go fast over at Elizabeth's Bluebird Papercraft. 
Because Miss E. is so super sweet she agreed to make a Valentine just for me, (see yesterdays post)
and the fantastic Paula Clare over at Paula's Place of Altered Art
is such an overachiever and made 28, yes 28 Dolly Dingles.  I got to participate by default with these two cuties.  

Several vintage cards were lovingly sacrificed for the making of this sweet Valentine.  I assure you that it was all worth it.  I haven't had this much fun since art class in Elementary school, really it was very freeing.

Nothing too fussy, just the label and hanger.

Again, I used two cards to create the depth.  There was this monster heart under the fence that stuck out like a sore I covered it with these beautiful vintage velvet forget-me-nots.
I love him.  Just as happy as can be slurping up that watermelon.

Doilies never made things so easy.  Another back with a tag and a hanger to finish it off.

All packed up between the cardboard with a note of thanks.  These cuties went out today in the mail.  I sure hope they make it in time for Valentine's Day.  Thank you so much for letting me play along and work on my skills.  It was fun.

On another note...Miss Diane  I truly have a new appreciation for all your art.  These are not easy to craft and create.  To keep straight and prim took me every ounce of patience.  Yours are really a work of art.  This is my ode to you.  Thank you for the inspiration.

If you haven't visited Diane of Saturday Finds stop now and go see her stuff.  She is a ray of sunshine and her art is vintage magic.


NanE said...

aawww, your Valentines turned out so cute! And I love your happy homemaker tag too. Thanks for sharing, Nan

E said...

Renee, They turned out really cute ! And the backs! The backs are finshed so nicely :) Love the blue forget-me-nots. Elaine in TN

Musings from Kim K. said...

Darling. I just love your tag. Isn't it fun to see others talents? I'm enjoying my 1st craft swap too. Happy soon-to-be Valentines!!

Nan said...

Oh my these Valentines you made were just stunning.

Diane Mars said...

Thank you, I have been busy making a Valentine for my Mom, yours did turn out just darling oxox, Diane

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

they are gorgeous!!!

Christmas-etc... said...

I love your site!! Makes me feel like I'm in the world of my childhood - a really nice place!
So looking forward to seeing more from you!
PS Love your header!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

LOVELY! Your blog is Charming!!!