Friday, July 8, 2011

Tin boxes and tools.

It was inevitable.  A day of reorganizing.  When I bring new stuff in, I have to make room for it.  Rearranging commenced and supplies where pulled.  It was an entire afternoon of pulling things out to put things back.  Thought you might like to see how I organize and store my vintage goodies.

Stazon ink is a must simply because I cannot stand smears.  Dennison gummed labels make everything vintage perfect.  A favorite old fashioned type writer style stamp set.  Look out I am on the label loose!

I will take an old tin tool box any day over a plastic bin.  These are some that I have picked up for a dollar at sales here and there.  Some are old bit cases, gun cleaning kits, screw driver set holders, you name it.  Love the color.  Love the closure.  Love the rust.  

Here's the inside.  Tidy tape and note set.  It makes it easy to pull this and label up a package without dragging out a big old tub or sifting through a drawer.  I used glue dots to place the parchment envelopes for more storage on the lid.  Same for the twine.

This one is full of gummed happiness.  Label boxes and tags fill it to the brim.  There is room for all the parchment envelopes with glue dots to house multiple tags, stickers and tickets.  I would lose these little items in the drawer.

Enamored with these toy tool boxes.  I have only run across these two so far.  They are the exact size for pens and markers.  Always have and eye open for these.  It doesn't hurt that they have darling graphics on their lids...

This pink princess was once a greasy grey.  I found it in the basement at an estate sale.  It was way to high priced because it has these little fuses in it.  Again, I explained to the attendant in the basement who clearly thought I was crazy, that I only wanted the storage for buttons and not the fuses...could I dump it out somewhere?  Realizing he had no room he swiftly marked it at 5 dollars and told me to take it all.  

I had to scrub it like no other to get the oil and grease off but it was worth it.  My buttons are perfectly appointed inside the 12 divided drawer slots.  I have 48 different divisions of buttons in this pink palace.  This is one of my favorite pieces.  

After a good cleaning...I had to mess it up.  This is my Toto rendition of Jenny B.'s pattern from Allsorts. I am planning on tucking it into a bag swap that is coming up this weekend.  
It is supposed to be a sunflower around his neck?


donna said...

You are so clever and give me the best ideas. All my buttons are in jars. Thank you so much for placing my button on your blog. You are a sweetheart.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Organization with a capital "O". Love how cute and vintage it all looks...I think I may try my hand at some of your ideas

Miss Holly said... looks wonderful!! I love the dollhouse too!

ImagiMeri said...

Cute storage ideas Renee, I'd love to come dig through your house sometime. I'd love to see the images on the tops of the tool boxes if you ever get a chance! As you know, I have this thing for graphics ;o)

Big Hugs,

Musings from Kim K. said...

Darling storage ideas. The labels are the perfect touch. Touring your studio is always a favorite with me. I need to spend some time in my craft room this weekend. It's been far too long.

Unknown said...

Hi Renee! This is such a fun post. I think we have the same organized mind. Something new means rearranging, which I love to do! What a relief to find a community where this type of obsession is completely understood! LOVE all of your tin! What a wonderful collection - and SO organized!!!! Have a great weekend! Elizabeth

Unknown said...

Just love how you have things!!!!! I have this "thing" for glassine bags and cellophane....what a great idea! My problem is if I don't see it, I forget I have it!!!! But I have way too much...still! I need to get busy for "Where BloggersCreate" in two weeks!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

I keep telling you! If i ever spent a day in your craft room I would feel like a little kid that was in Disney World!!! I don't think my little vintage heart could take it! :)