Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cookie Cutter

With all the success we had yesterday at the estate sales, Claire and I headed out to two more again this morning.  Feeling like we had this in the bag we quickly marched up to the door...and realized yesterday was obviously a rarity. Our first sale had good stuff but was way overpriced.  Things were marked over antique store prices.  Our second sale was a beautiful home with barely a thing in it. After a little less than an hour Claire and I retreated to the local pizza shop.  

I know nothing about cookie cutters.  I almost dumped them out and asked just to have the jar.  This gorgeous jar is enormous and was filled to the brim with all these cookie cutters.  No one wanted any part of it because it was layered in years of grease.  Nothing that couldn't be scrubbed....

There are tiny ones...big ones.

Copper ones and ones with handles.  I have barely looked at the shapes.  It dawned on me though as I was about to dump them out.  I am going to use these as package tie ons.  

Stands 10 inches tall!  How many vintage shiney brites can I cram in that?

Cute find of the day was the blue pottery bull dog.  Worth every minute of the overpriced madness.  More stationary.  A matching pillow case to the others from yesterday.  Love these old pots for storage.  I couldn't leave Judy behind.  She was a throw in.  Who doesn't love Meet Me in St. Louis?  
Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley...
Ding, Ding, Ding went the bell!

A tiny touch of vintage Christmas.  There were boxes and boxes of them all marked individually!  
Something I have just recently found a new irritation at estate sale...boxing.  I really cannot stand when they lump a group of no name junk in a box with two or three good things and slap a piece tape across the top with a hefty tag...My new tactic is to combine and make my own box.  It makes for a nice conversation at the counter.

I have a weakness (among many) for these ornaments with writing on them.  Yes I paid individually for them...sucker! 
While I was checking email tonight a friend emailed me anther estate sale for a former sewing teacher.  I have to say I am shopped out.  Someone else can get in on the deals.  A day of mending is in order.



FUN...I ADORE the tiny cookie cutters...If you ever want to sell any, email me, please!
I was out today and found a couple "keepers"
Deb :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm so jealous of all your estate sale adventures. One of these days, I will attend my 1st estate sale. I've never ever been. I would have had a ball shifting through those cookie cutters and vintage Christmas items with you.

Patricia said...

I"m with Kim, I've never gone to an estate sale either. I've gone to yard sales and felt guilty while walking away without purchasing anything.
So I just don't go. I should though ~ you've found some cute stuff.

donna said...

Oh I just love estate sales but lately they have been a little over an hour away in Houston. Love all your finds. I am a sucker for Shiney brite when I can find them. Last Christmas Macy's was selling new ones. But there is nothing like the older ones.

Nan said...

That's a lot of cookie cutters but yes it would be fun to attach them to Christmas gifts with a bow. You may be doing that for quite a lot of packages considering the amount you have there. Love all your other finds too.

Unknown said...

Oh Renee! I have a jar like that....what a wonderful idea with the ornaments! The copper cookie cutters were a "premium" you got when you sent away for them from Mirro way back in the late 70's I think it was....they were like 2.00 for a set of 8 or 12 .....I still have mine, and I think they offered them to a generation ealrier than mine in the aluminum have some wonderful vintage cutter!

magie said...

Really great finds! I like your idea of using the cookie cutters as package tie ons :) I love the old Christmas decorations as well..just lovely!

Cindy said...

Well of course you combined them...they teach us to do that at the grocery know bad egg out...good egg in...strawberry is yucky...and look here is a good one to go in the

The cookie cutters make darling garlands also.One year in Sunday School ..we took pictures of the two yr olds ..and glued them on the back of an cookie cutter..we made tree ornaments for the mama's.
And WHO doesn't love Meet Me in St. Louis.
Hello!!!Judy Garland!!

Anyhoo..get some rest..and enjoy your weekend.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gigham

Sarah said...

Dont ask me why, but I am obsessed with finding an axe cookie cutter. I dont even collect cookie cutters, but I decided it was something hard to find that I could look for. LOL

GardenOfDaisies said...

The cookie cutters are all wonderful! My daughter loves "cookie cutters", but she doesn't bake cookies. She bakes biscuits and scones and loves to make them in fun shapes. The last time she was home she made me piggy shaped biscuits. :-)

Joy Burkhart said...

Wow! What a treasure! My grandma used to have a couple of those jars - the one I remember had flour in it. Love the cookie cutters, too.
Actually, I love your blog - brings back a lot of memories! I'm your newest follower by the way.