Thursday, August 18, 2011

59 steps?

Digging through my pile of patterns this week I found one that needed my attention....Claire has been itching for a skirt for school.  My daughter is very sure of her style and had the fabric and pattern picked out all on her own.  I figured it wouldn't be a problem considering it was a Sew Easy.  One day of school under our belt I was sure to impress her with my accomplishment...ha! 

She specifically wanted a high waisted skirt.  This Butterick pattern fit the bill and offered lots of different varieties.  Bonus that it was a Sew I thought.

Opening up the pattern to read the instructions I realized this pattern had 59 steps.  What on earth is easy about a 59 step pattern?  I wanted to crumple it up and toss it but failure was not an option as this pattern was paid for already.  I persevered.

Claire has picked this beautiful bright Sis Boom fabric.  

In addition, I have added this stash of  ruffle fabric that I love.  It has the texture of pantie hose.  Sews like a dream and you don't have to hem the edge.

The back of the fabric is just as beautiful.  At this point I decided to use the pattern pieces and toss the directions.  Honestly, the were way too confusing.  

Within a few hours I had a lovely little creation that my preteen can be proud to wear.

Clever little zipper closure in the back.

Soft elastic waist just to make it fit perfect.  I hate to watch a little girl tug on skirts or pants.  This is my favorite part of sewing.  Making it fit just so.  Things that are comfortable will last so much longer in a closet.

Claire was excited to see her fabric made into a something today.  I had it in the car at pick up.  She is planning on wearing it tomorrow. 

I treasure each one of these because I know my days are numbered with her and handmade clothes.  She has reached that age where store bought clothes are cool.  I hopes that she will always remember my needle will always be available to her.

Thank you all so much for such sweet comments.  It is so wonderful to hear from so many fantastic and inspiring women.  Each comment makes my day...


birdie blue said...

how cute will miss claire be tomorrow? love the pattern on the fabric especially. 59 steps to perfection.

here's to 'back to school' time, miss renee.


Musings from Kim K. said...

It's just dreamy. What a beautiful skirt. You touches are perfect and the fabric is just gorgeous. Claire is going to look so lovely in her new outfit.

PS. I'm feeling extra guilty. While I worked a full day at new faculty orientations, Chris took the girls school clothes/shoe shopping. I owe him BIG time.

Carly said...

Haha, I love the 59 steps, as I read I began to laugh! Beautiful fabric and wonderful skirt! I love what you said your needle is always available to her! So sweet and speacial!

E said...

Its a wonderful skirt, and I love the fabric, Claire has good taste :) How special to have your talent and a daughter who enjoys it ! I used to make bows for my daughter and it was really hard when she out grew them, people still talk about her bows. It's memories your making not just a skirt. Hugs, E in TN

Unknown said...

aawww what a beautiful little skirt i adore the fabric and the added blue ruffle is just gorgeous. Your little girl has a very clever mum and i know just how you feel about being able to create and make handmade for her. dee x

Sarah said...

59 steps is ridiculous. That's why sewing clothes makes me nervous!

Your skirt turned out very sweet though!

Sewn With Grace said...

I would wear that skirt!!! Simply gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial on the hanky linen. So, so helpful. Have a great day!

ImagiMeri said...

Hey Girlfriend,

What a lucky girl! I remember those days (seems like hundreds of years) when I made my oldest daughter dresses, shorts and tops when she was little. I even made my son some shorts and an outfit with pants, shirt and vest to wear to his first day of first grade. The memories are so dear. My daughter wants me to make her an apron now, and I just can't seem to find the time. I'd rather she make it, but she's very impatient and it would end up being my project anyway.

Have a great weekend.

Love ya'

donna said...

59 steps that is crazy. Claire's skirt turned out wonderful. I remember when my grandmother sewed for us. They are great memories.

Anonymous said...

Cindylou is adorable and so is that skirt! ♥