Friday, August 19, 2011


Vintage nursery items conjure up such memories for me.  The above vintage print is a favorite one that mimics a photograph of my brother.  Figural nursery planters always find a home with me.  Tiny pinafores with perfectly decaled hangers sit sweetly on my doors.  Innocence captured in cherub cheeks and muddy pastel colors.  Imagine my surprise when I happened upon the most amazing vintage like treasures for pennies on the dollar at my local thrift store last week.

Mint green smocked bonnet.

Perfectly stitched cross on a christening bib.

Satin trimmed ruffles.

French knots like no other.

Burp cloths with wreaths.

Teal and pink blooms ready for Easter.

Remarkably all with their original store tags still on them.  Note the price I paid for them.

You would never see me pay retail for these.  I must admit they have unbelievable workmanship and detail.  

These sweet bonnets will be dangling  from a soon to find shelf stuffed to the brim with more nursery goodies.

Perhaps I will have to get over my doll scare just to place a few of these beauties on show.  One of them would look darling filled with vintage millinery.  Another one sewn onto a pillow front with a nursery rhyme embroidered around it.  For fifty cents I am enjoying them just sitting on the table.  


donna said...

WOW! Alot of work goes into smocking. You really got a great deal. It is always good to be at the right place at the right time. Love all of your treasures.

Nan said...

Nice deal on those bonnets.

Musings from Kim K. said...

So sweet. Definitely a good deal. I'm hoping to sneak into my favorite store before I head into work this afternoon. I have a faculty training and I think I need to reward myself with a thrifting outing.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad I have another nursery loving friend! The front of a pillow is a great idea! ♥

Unknown said...

Renee, it is such fun for me to come here and marvel at all the sewing posts. Such memories! I smocked my daughter's christening gown and bonnet and didn't keep them! Sheesh! Oh well, I love visiting these beautiful creations! Thanks for sharing. E

Kathy said...

Oh! What sweet finds! Today, when we say we "sew" well, a lot of us don't. You know? What wonderful craftsmanship!

Corey said...

OH, what sweet, lucky finds!

Scrap for Joy said...

How wonderful that these bonnets were rescued by someone (YOU) who would properly love them. So much work goes into smocking. Lucky Renee!
PS Please send me your address Renee. I have something I'd like to send to you. You can write to me @jegleason1@yahoo dot com

Laura said...

Great finds! We love the little bonnets and what a great idea to place it on the front of a sweet little pillow :)

Have a lovely week!

Laura and Michele

GardenOfDaisies said...

Such sweet little bonnets. I'm certain you will find all sorts of creative ways to display and use them.