Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Height challenges a healthy 5 feet tall I find it incredibly difficult to find a comfortable seat.
Of course when I do, my feet usually dangle on the floor like a school child.
(My husband is a generous six feet tall so I have high hopes for my children!)
Needless to say, I love a footstool.

This noticeably generic foot stool makes for an easy transformation.
 The classic 80's tapestry fabric and shiny brass legs match nothing in my home. 
 But for only two dollars from the local charity thrift I know just the thing to make it better.  

 Sis Boom fabric is one of my favorite.
  Adding the doilies I picked up the other day for just pennies gives it the perfect finishing touch.
I pinned them in place and overlapped for a bit of whimsy.

Sewed along the edges just to hold them in place.  
The seam line is about a half an inch from the edge of the doily.
I used a very fine stitch.

The seam line is barely noticeable.  
Both doilies are now secured to the fabric and ready to be stapled on to the stool.
The shiny brass legs got a pretty coat of yellow meringue spray paint.

Such a simple project brings such a big smile.  
My feet will now be safely on the stool.
It really is the little things!

I have never been bothered by being short.
Both my parents are small and most of my family is as well.
For those who aren't used to it it can be odd I suppose, 
due to the overwhelming reminder usually once a day of "You are so short."
As if it was something I was not aware of when I woke up this morning.
We certainly don't walk up to people and tell them they are ugly.
Why we tell them what their height is I will never be able to understand?
I never viewed my height as anything more than a genetic trait. 
If it means more of these cute footstool it is definitely a positive...


Musings from Kim K. said...

Talk about brilliant!! The doilies are the PERFECT touch. It's just so darn charming now. Beautiful work, Renee.

PS. Josie's pediatric dentist had a cancellation for 11am tomorrow. We're finally getting the root canal and cavities over with. Start the prayers.

Annette said...

Oh how pretty it turned out! I'm short too, or as my daughter says...I'm vertically challenged!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I have a footstool that I need to recover and am loving, loving this idea! I too am short (5 foot two and a half), but I actually like being shorter....I don't bump my head in attics or basements at estate sales. Abe is done.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I'm trying to remember the politically correct way of saying someone is short, is it vertically challenged? I think that was it. Well, topping off at 5'2" I grumble when I am in the grocery store and can't reach items on the top shelf. But on the upside, it is easier to fit in small places! I am certain, however, that due to my lack of inches my otherwise normal weight is just too much for my little body. I feel that if I was two inches taller I would never need to diet again . . . so I'm not really a little plump, just a little short for my weight. Oh well. Love the footstool by the way!!

donna said...

Renee I love your foot stool. The dollies are so cute and the legs are the perfect color. It is ok to be short. It makes you who you are.

GardenOfDaisies said...

It's sooooo pretty now!!!!!!

Nan said...

Oh my this foot stool is lovely this way, nice job. Yeah short, know about that. Bob is only 5'5" and his Mom is 4'7" as was his grandma. My dad I thought was tall was 5'6". I think you would call me average size at 5'4".
It's funny in photos there is no way to tell how tall or short anyone is.

Unknown said...

I never saw it ending up this cute! had a vision here! LOVE IT! My bestest friend in the whole world is 5'4" and we always have fun with booths or certain chairs at resturants.....I will have to remember to look for a foorstool for her! She would love me for that one! LOL Sandy

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Hey - loving/needing that stool - am the same height as you! Also made me chuckle to think of going up to someone and saying 'I'd forgotten how ugly you are'!

I have to admit I'd like to be a little taller in the leg department - although I do feel smug on a plane/train/bus when i curl up, all comfy in my shortleggedness.

fee x

Anonymous said...

Oh that's just so cute and creative, Renee! The doilies are the perfect touch! And the yellow legs? Eeek! Great job- I just love make overs!

Well, I guess I'm the only tall one around here! I was just shy of 6 feet by the time I was 13! It made for some very awkward teen years. Girls are taller these days but back then? Not so much! I've since shrunk so it's much easier to find clothes that fit but now I have a son who is 7 feet tall with shoes on! Now HE'S tall! He's always wanted to get a T shirt to flash that says, "No, do you play miniature golf?" :)

Scrap for Joy said...

Renee-this is the most beautiful project! I have a bunch of doilies...I will be out looking for an ugly footstool this weekend! I am 5'4" which I think is short...I always wanted to be 5'7"...then my weight would be about right!
Thanks for sharing this nifty (love that word...let's bring it back) creation!

Carrie P. said...

Fabulous idea.

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Loving that blue!

I'm 5'4" and was always the shortest one around. Never bothered me. I bet you're cute as a button!!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

This is the Prettiest foot stool i have EVER SEEN!!!!! You know when i get my won house i will be copying a whole bunch of your projects!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just this morning I put a little stool on my craft table and said outloud, "THIS is the project of the day!" Oh Renee, you have inspired me. I think I will call this little stool, my Renee stool! ThAnK YoU for posting this cutie you made! Can I copy? Pleeeeeeease!