Thursday, June 16, 2011


It is that time of the summer when my local churches open up their basement halls and cover their parking lots with a plethora of garage sale goodies.
Their prices are so unbelievably low it is hard for me to feel comfortable.
These women and men work tirelessly to price and sort huge amounts of stuff all in the name of charity.
Lucky for me I always get to share in the gift of grace by helping clear their tables of vintage goods.

Vintage Christmas Tom and Jerry book.  
My boys loved this cartoon.  
So much so I sewed a Tom and Jerry costume for them in preschool.
They turned out to be the cutest two there...

Box full of Shiney Brites.
Piled high to the brim and priced at a dollar for the lot.
Worth the trip right there.

Interesting ornaments?
  Some I have never seen up close.  
The gnome is flying on a saucer sled in the snow per the edges of ice around the base.
More chenille trim.
Both marked Japan.

The snow man is made of 2 glass ornaments and chenille adornments.
One of the brown ear muffs is missing (tiny chenille dot).

Super cute edition of Father of the Bride.

The illustrations are darling.

The Whitman classics are a favorite among many.
Anne of Green Gables...swoon.
And Dolly Madison...not in a plastic wrapper with kids couldn't believe it!

Prayer ladies at a church sale of course.
Adding these to my blue collection.

Another tablecloth in sunny summer colors.

As  I waited in line to check out with my loot 
I realized I didn't even have ten dollars worth of stuff.
Without hesitation I placed my money on the table and told them I didn't need the change. 
This is well worth the charity.


Patricia said...

Oh the tablecloth is beautiful and a great find. How lucky!

Cindy said...

Some of my favorites are the Charity sales.You did great!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

birdie blue said...

love the fun vintage finds, renee, especially the books. my dad and his twin brother are named tom and jerry (although I think they pre-date the cartoon). i always look for vintage t & j things.

the tablecloth is in the prettiest colors.

thanks for your sweet 'welcome back'. re-entry is always a little tough on the mom, but we're almost there.


Diane Mars said...

Great Score I love finding Vintage Christmas all year long~ Happy Happy... yeah!!! ox, Diane

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your tablecloth is just lovely and I'm happy to report that you and I share the same elf/gnome ornament. Welcome to the club!! Bring on vintage Christmas anyday!!

PS. Josie did amazingly well after her dental procedures. Lucky us.

donna said...

Are you not the luckiest girl ever? Your finds are the greatest. The shiney brite ornaments look perfect. They are my favorite. And the table cloth looks great. I am so glad all of those wonderful things found a good home.

Anonymous said...

Great job! My favorite is the table cloth. Bet you had so much fun going through all the stuff to find these treasures. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Miss Holly said...

Holey smokes! Did you ever hit the jackpot!!!! So much fun to treasure hunt!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Treasure Island - love.
table cloth - love
Creepy ornaments....the stuff of nightmares!!!
All made me smile - and how lovely to justify all your finds in the name of charity. Win win!
fee x

Anonymous said...

$1.00 for the lot box of shiny brights! This is my dream! :)

Renee, where *DO* you find all your vintage childrens graphics???

GardenOfDaisies said...

Church sales gather in stuff from so many families, there is bound to be a great selection! I love the Christmas ornaments! And that is a really cute tablecloth!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

SCORE!!!! Wow. Makes me want to go to an antique store. Well, maybe I will. Who needs to clean and pull weeds anyhow?

Unknown said...

I just want to say a quick hello i have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. You have so many lovely finds. I will pop back again real soon. Have a lovely weekend, dee ;-))

Unknown said...

Renee, I hadn't heard of church garage sales! I will have to keep my eyes out for one. The Father of the Bride book makes me melt. A favorite movie (old and new) for sure! Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend! Elizabeth

Carrie P. said...

OH, wow, you got a deal on those ornaments for sure. Great finds.


I sure enjoy church sales and the tablecloth would have come home with me too! Linens call to me!