Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A treasure from across the pond!

Aside from all the fantastic thrift scores and estate sale jaunts...this year I have met some wonderful women who have incredible artistic talent.  Whether yielding a needle, brush or glue gun.  You all inspire me to be better and make better things.  Late last week my oldest was checking the mail (our daily task after school).  I hand him the key and he steps out of the car and gets it for me.  Then he hands it over while I sit there in anticipation of a pattern, fabric or mere catalog.  But this day he kept one back and later pulled it out of his pocket... 

It was a tiny package from Chipper Nelly.  Beautifully graced with a Queen's Royal stamp.  Fee is a sweet mother of three darling boys.  Her dear husband Cleggy showers their English cottage generously with animals and her posts are incredibly witty and real.  Sometimes a mannequin can be seen in the garden! On top of it all she creates incredible art pieces, blocks and more. 

If you are lucky enough to live in England you too can get your hands on one of her creations at her virtual shop  Not On the High Street.  

These are Fee's pictures of the blocks she created just for me.  I cannot begin to tell you how remarkable the detail is.  Now, these aren't just your run of the mill blocks with scrapbook paper slapped on them.  The finish is impeccable. 

We have played with the configuration over and over.

The options are limitless.

Thank you Fee for such an incredible treasure.  I am so very touched that you shared your art with me and to have a piece of it in my home.  The inspirations are limitless here and for that I am thankful. 


Ruby Jean said...

Renee, What a SWEET gift and timeless treasure you have there... So very adorable!!!

GardenOfDaisies said...

What a sweet gift! I am always so amazed at the incredible talent out there in blogland. So many wonderful crafters and artists, including you, Miss Renee!

Ann said...

Admittedly, I'm envious. Such a wonderful gift. Your photos are great and I can tell just from them that Fee's art is impeccable. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Oh you lucky ducky, those blocks are wonderful. I'm heading to check out the links!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

oooh I feel a little teary! So good of you to share the chipper nelly love with your blogging friends - I may even make some new ones of my own too!
Thanks you Renee - you were easy to make for as your own work inspires me regularly.
Wishing you a happy day - you have put an extra spring in my step this morning as I skip (ok, maybe not skip!) down to my little workshop this morning. Oh for some elves!!!
love fee x

Anonymous said...

Sweetness! Merry christmas to you! ♥

Anonymous said...

Love this! Wow, you must have been overwhelmed with this gift, I'm going to visit her blog now :)


Debby said...

Those blocks are so adorable. I went to her site and she has some beautiful other blocks.
Thank you for my sweet little house from CIndy's house exchange. What fun that was.

...C o w R o a d... said...

Ha yes, I've been corresponding with Fee for quite a while now. Love all her art projects! (and her incredibly funny sence of humor) :-)

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, these are just beautiful, Renee! I don't know Fee yet, but I think I'll just have to pop over and meet her right now!

Thanks for sharing your lovely gift with us--hope your day is wonderful, dear friend!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a beautiful gift!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Renee! Fee's gift is just so cute! What a lovely gesture from one sweet gal to another!

Your vignette is adorable!x


Lynn said...

Those blocks are super cute!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

donna said...

What a great gift you have received. The blocks are great. Love the images.