Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My Aunt Sue crocheted me a shawl like this when I was little.  It was a deep ruby red with tassels for the trim.  I remember poking my fingers through the holes of the crochet squares on the way to the bus stop. I have not a clue where this shawl is now...only the memory of the years it was worn.

Today I collect a few new memories.  Some of them squeak!  One has wheels and the other is the cutest pin up I have seen in a while.

Darling faces to cuddle and squeeze.

I am taken with these darling faded grey and pink colors.  

Oh, boy doesn't he look like he is up to something?  

Mending notions and millinery finery.

Even Betsy Ross made labels.  Great patriotic stars embossed on the package.

Bling like no other from vintage ornaments.

Even off the tree these look amazing. 
 A quick run through the thrift store today.
  No time to linger. 
 Just a dash of the squeaks to make me squeal.  


MomWaldsPlace said...

Your lil' gal is so cute. When I was in fifth grade my hair looked like that. Ahh, memories.

Musings from Kim K. said...

How fun that you were able to sneak in some thrifting!! Your plastic pets are darling. Gorgeous ornaments too. Can't wait to see what you do with your notions and millinery.

ImagiMeri said...

Are you saying those rubber animals are for sale in some shop????? How much were they????? I want them, or did you buy them? I know so many questions, but I love those animals.

Waiting for an answer ;o)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Very cute little squeaks!! I love the little daisy trim!

E said...

You apparently have some seriously good thrifting spots out in your neck of the woods ! The faces on those animals are so cute :) E in TN

Miss Holly said...

What wonderful finds !! A little bit of everything!

Kathy said...

Great scores - definately a sign of a seasoned "speed picker"!

donna said...

I had a shaw just like that too. But mine was blue. I love all of your finds. Just running through you found some great things. Lucky girl. You must hit it just right?

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love the squeaks that you found. I have a collection of squeaks, but mine are mostly in human form. You did get lucky my dear!

Mecky said...

Those are such cute squeaky toys!

I have really got to start collecting vintage ornaments. I have always liked them.

We did make it to 100 today. We have had 49 100 degree days this year. Tomorrow we should tie the 1936 record and the day after we should break it. Then by Monday they are calling for a high of 80. I am so ready for that.

Unknown said...

Renee, You were the first person on my mind this morning as I wanted to hurry to the computer to thank you for my beautiful pillow. Then reading the comments on my blog, yours was last and the one that most touched my heart. It seems we had the same mother, those fences tops have lots of fingerprints. I've just been in a slump that I will miss seeing my daughter marry although I know how excited she is. I know I put out way too much energy at our send away party for my shy daughter. But it was wonderful seeing them kiss! Thank you again for my pillow which is the first thing you notice now in my make over room. PS I'm tickled to death you have your own squeaker kitty! Please find Paper Dolly on flick to reward yourself with more squeaks! E

Laura said...

Great finds! We love your squeaky toys. And you can never have enough vintage ornaments!

Have a great day,
Laura and Michele