Thursday, September 1, 2011

Messages you think I got the message?  I found this image yesterday while rifling through some old school workbooks.  There really was a thinking this case he is an elf.  While I love doing swaps, and normally have no problem coming up with a charming little trinket, this time I am completely stumped.  I have tried five different prototypes.  All were complete failures.  What is the message?

On another note.  Look who came to play.  Joy the little lamb.  All the way from Pennsylvania.  Miss Joyce from Scraps of Joy was so kind to think of me when she was cleaning out her basement and packaged her up for me in sewing pattern paper no less.  Thank you so much Miss Joyce.

This is the Santa of my dreams on fabric.  Sent to me from the dearest Miss Sandy of 521 Lake Street.  My mind is spinning with what I can sew.

Sandy is so sweet she sent Christmas Mary E. goodies too.   Thank you very much Miss Sandy.

While we are on the subject of Christmas...look at these amazing sequins bells.  These came from another wonderful blog land friend Miss Cindy of Rick Rack and Gingham.  You can tell by my placement that I am already playing with a tree skirt idea.  These are so beautiful...thank you Miss Cindy.

This is my latest failure.  Yes she is cute but is she ornament worthy?  Is she worth all the hours?  I just didn't get that wonderful feeling when I was finished.   It must be because she is no where near as good as the pattern by the dear Miss Elizabeth. So, Windy the Witch is on the shelf for now.

It is now Thursday and I have spent five days trying to create genius.  Drastic measures had to be taken today.  Six hours of deep cleaning and furniture movement...the mending studio is now clean and feels new.   Perhaps some new ideas will flow tomorrow.  Message:  you are never too old to wear the thinking cap!  Does it come with those cute elf shoes?  I am not sure I can pull off those tights?
Pictures of the clean mending studio tomorrow!


Musings from Kim K. said...

I was just about to shut down the computer for the night when I saw your latest post. I'm sorry this Halloween swap is causing stress. Miss Windy Witch is darling. The details are delightful. I hope that your "fresh" studio will inspire. Happy "labor day" weekend, dear friend!!!

donna said...

Renee your gifts are awesome. The santa fabric oh wow it is just beautiful. I just love vintage santa's. You always have the greatest ideas maybe you need to sleep on it?

ImagiMeri said...

You are one lucky lady, and quit being so hard on yourself.....your witch is adorable!


Anonymous said...

Here I am thinking, "oh, now I have to get that cute Retro Santa fabric"..then it dawned on me to look in my fabric stash and it turns out I did buy some last year! :) Isn't it surprising that it is a JoAnn's fabric?! So cute!
And, speaking of cute..I adore your little witch. I haven't gotten around to even making one of Elizabeth's peg dolls...I've been wanting to forever.

Unknown said...

I saw something the other day that just spoke to me on a woman's blog( wish I had her name) was "finished is better than perfect". I am going to frame it and hang it in my craftroom. I have a battle with perfection, and I hate when it wins and spoils the fun. I get to where I won't even try, and that is wrong! Your little witch is adorable! There are no "failures" in crafting, I was told years ago and now I believe it! I have signed up for two fun fall swaps and I am already worrying about what will I do? It is suppose to be fun ! Right? All of us have certain things we do really well. They are all just different. One of mine? You can ask me where to find almost anything at any store, and I will be able to tell you which one, and the best price! Sounds silly, right? But you wouldn't believe the emails and calls I get! My friend Cheri says I would be the best personal shopper if I didn't hurt. LOL We won't talk about WHY I know these things....:):) So I am going to make a few things this fall I have only hoped I could....and know that finished is better than perfect! Hugs, Sandy

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I've been working on an altered art pic for months and I'm ready to hide it in the closet so it will stop taunting me! I do like a challenge but I also like my crafting to make me feel good about myself!

Well, you sure have some sweet bloggy friends! I looove the lamby planter! I'm always on the look out for one for me! ♥

Nan said...

I have lots of things that don't come out well I know the feeling but I also know we're way harder on ourselves than when others look at it. Thanks for the sweet comment on my 50th wedding anniversary post. No I don't have the dress and I'll tell you why. I must have been in my 40's when I got rid of it as it was turning yellow and I was frustrated trying it on and having the waist too small to zip up. One thing about aging the waist size expands even if you don't gain weight I think it must have to do with having kids.