Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beauty in Art

Lately, I have been doing some research on the late artist Ruth E. Newton.  Ruth grew up in Pennsylvania where she attended art school.  She went on to spend her career illustrating children's books for Whitman Co. and later a line of dolls for Sun Rubber Toy Co.  Most famously, the doll Amosandra for the Amos and Andy show.  Her illustrations (see above) are a vision a babies and animals come to life.  Chubby cheeks and hands.  Gerber baby faces.  Gentle innocence and wonder all in one.  I am smitten with her work.

A few weeks back I was reading my daily blog roll when I happened upon a post by one of my favorites Miss Cindy at Retro Revival.  The post was an interview with artist Patti Ballard.  Patti's style reminded my of the late Ruth E. Newtons. (click on the link to read the post)

The Little Patti Ballard

Patti Ballard captures that whimsy in color and texture.  Her art is warm and gentle.  Sparing any harsh lines and borders, Patti blends paint with wood, paper, words and canvas.  What can I say...I am smitten.   But wait there is more...recently I was reading my morning blog roll when I realized I was the lucky winner of some of Patti's work!  Thank you Cindy...  

Hold on to your hat because it gets better and better.  I went swiftly to Patti's art shop on Etsy.  I must have spent an hour trying to figure out which one to pick when I decided to let this wonderful artist choose for me.

Over the weekend I recieved the most amazing prints from Patti herself.  All her personal choices.  All some of her personal favorites.  That in itself is gift enough.  Owning some of her art that she hand picked...over the top for me.  As an artist (I hope) I love others choices, but it is the choice that I see them having sometimes that makes it for me.  It is the art I see in them...Could be just me?

I am deeply touched at these beautiful prints and how much they remind me of my dreams each day to create happiness if even so small as a stitch in fabric.  Thank you Patti.

Patti's altered art can be purchased at galleries online, local art shows, and at her Etsy shop.  It is incredibly affordable and well worth it.  I can't tell you how much art pieces make a home.

My daily stitching has been lofty...
This is just a sneak peak at a primary project I am working on.  It involves nursery rhymes, primary colors and ruffles....hmm!


Betty said...

Oh!! I love that little mermaid print. I will definitely go check out her shop.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm completely smitten with your new prints...those two little girls wearing their precious crowns is just precious. I'll be checking out her etsy site.

Nan said...

Will be fun to see what you are putting together there Renee. I love that art work and must check her out thanks for turning us onto this great artist. Bob mailed your package today.

Sarita Boyette said...

Your new prints are lovely indeed, as is your glimpse of your sewing project.
I have a Ruth E. Newton doll made by the Sun Rubber Company. She has always been well taken care of & she is now nearly 56 years old. I got her for Christmas when I was 2. Her name is Baby Ruth - Mama apparently saw Ruth Newton's name on the back of the doll's neck and encouraged me to name her that. She resides in my doll room, in a brand new dress.

schmidt1016 said...

You received a true gift with the prints by Patti Ballard. They are so precious. And I love the picture at the top by Ruth E. Newton. My sister had an Amosandra doll back in the fifties. That was a rarity back then. She was a gorgeous little baby, but unfortunately, the rubber she was made of disintegrated and seemed to melt. I am going to send this link to her. I know she will be as thrilled by it as I am. Thank you for giving me this information.

Leslie S. in MN
esclante at comcast dot net

ImagiMeri said...

Lucky, lucky you, but deservedly so! I also agree with you on your choice of illustrator, Ruth is amazing.

Oh, and yes, I get the hint.....very sneaky of you, but it's looking very intriguing! Anything sewn by you is going to be nothing short of spectacular, but it is fun to be teased.


Unknown said...

Hi Renee! What a sweet artist! Thank you for introducing her. Yes I am devoting my days to "Sweating to the Oldies" but I had to tell you your check is my round receptacle! A gift truly! PS I love that you know Kim K! I think her personal journey in this life is just fascinating! Have a great weekend, back to task for me! E

trish said...

Congratulations on you special win! What a delight it must have been to receive such lovely prints! :o)
Have a nice weekend.
Sincerely, Trish said...

I'm tickled pink you won the prints from Patti. She's a doll and ridiculously talented! Thank you for mentioning my blog ~ you're so thoughtful:)

You've peaked my interest ~ looking forward to your project reveal!


GardenOfDaisies said...

How lucky to receive these sweet prints from the artist! I especially love the little girl in brown holding the heart. Can't wait to see what you're makin' this time!

Unknown said...

Dear Renee, Wow, thank you so much, I am truly honored to be on your blog! You're so sweet to have done this! I am so happy you liked my choice of art for you and that you are enjoying them...I hope that they give you great inspiration.. many hugs and blessings... Patti
I love your vintage blog too!