Friday, September 23, 2011


Girls day out yesterday.  My best friend Amy was in desperate need of stress relief.  Her father is recovering from open heart surgery and multiple family members coming in from out of state have created havoc instead of peace.  Retail therapy always helps.  Time together without kids in tow is a bonus.  I threw in a hitch by making her stop at an estate sale.  She loathes these.  Amy has this belief that they are morbid looking through dead peoples stuff.  I continue to tell her they are more of memory rescuing.  I think she is catching on....good thing too she seems to be my good luck charm!

Shelf after shelf of vintage Christmas.  I only snatched a few things to add to my lot.  The stocking pattern is adorable but in desperate need of photo shop clean up.  The opaque apron doesn't even look like it has been worn.  

Notions to cry over.  Rack after rack.

All of my treasures fit in this mint Harvey sewing basket...I haven't seen one in this good of shape so far.

a plethora of needles.  These little packets are so charming.  Tiny graphics and notes on each one.  Some have the needles nested in velvet.  Most are wrapped in paper.

Cigar box full of glitter, sequins and beads.  I knew by just flipping it open it was worth the purchase so I placed it in the holding area.  Once I got it home I was happily surprised to see aluminum glitter, glass bead, pearls, and even rhinestones in these little vials. 

Wire caddy for storage...just because I love them.  Sewing do dads.  Beautiful grey/blue film canister.  Vintage pillow case and a darling lone mary jane.

What a beautiful memory.  This is a mother after my own heart.  Vintage baby items and millinery will soon fill this treasure.

I know!  I am surprised too.  But this chubby composition baby needed a home and I was taken by the look of its painted brown eyes.  How perfect for my doll crib.  I didn't hurt that Amy kept telling me how it was so well priced and well taken care of.  She knows I have an aversion to dolls.  I couldn't say no after another women swept in and told me what a gem it is.  Probably laughing at me today!

This cracked and crazed face was enough for me to swallow and take this baby home.  I need to purchase proper clothes for her/him.  I can't find any markings on this poor soul.  Me, the doll dummy knows nothing more than the fact that it is a 16 in composition doll from the early 1900's...Research ensues.
 Thirty minutes at an estate sale and I think Amy's catching the bug!  


Debby said...

Oh, I want to see your doll crib. I bought one last fall at The French Hen
Barn Sale. It was $8. I planned on painting it and giving it to one of my granddaughters. I love it just the way it is. I have some of my dolls when I was a baby a long long time ago. I thought I would put them in it.
Now I have to see yours.......I love that doll.
I love "memory rescuing".......! Would you believe a couple years ago I picked out the dolls I wanted to keep and pitched the others. We were listing our house and I pitched so many things. Yikes, what did I do.
Hope your friend can relax soon.
I just love your blog.

Kathy said...

Ooooh, I love all the sewing notions! I hope you are right and Amy is coming around. How fun to have a junk-buddy!

Debby said...

Me again. I couldn't find your doll bed. Do you have it posted somewhere. I also forgot to say how sweet that little shoe was.
As I was looking through your pictures I saw the Mary Had a Little Lamb that used to hang behind my crib. I about memories.

★Carol★ said...

I'm not a doll person either, but a year or two ago I brought home a Little Red Riding Hood Doll. She just spoke to me, and I knew I needed to get her. It's kinda fun to surprise myself once in a while like that! Love all of your finds, especially that sweet little Mary Jane, and your dolly!

birdie blue said...

great finds, as always renee. i have to say i'm surprised to see the doll, she's so darling i can see why you couldn't leave her. much better that you rescued her and i'm sure in no time at all you'll have her bedecked in custom made 'vintage-style' doll finery.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man I am turning jadeite green with envy...I've been wanting one of those sewing baskets and just can't bring myself to pay the prices I have seen them at antique malls/ebay. What a great sewing kinda stuff. It's funny how I recently was at my husband's aunt's estate & nobody wanted the vintage sewing machine..I have no room but I just couldn't leave it for some random person. To tell you the truth I would rather have all the sewing goodies than the old machine & cabinet!

Miss Holly said...

What a day you had....Christmas and sewing!!!!!

Barbara said...

I'd like to borrow your good-luck charm, please!

Mary said...

I remember when I felt like your friend Amy. I'd leave estate sales feeling so depressed. Swearing I'd never go to another...and yet I did. Then I began seeing it as me continuing the journey of adoring that certain item.

The lone MaryJane is just the sweetest. You always find the sweetest items.

And what a friend you are to take Amy out for a much needed change of pace.


Love your finds! Maybe it's a good thing that your friend isn't into "estate sales" so that you won't have to "fight" over the treasures!
Deb :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

I was eager to see what lovely goodies you brought home and you didn't disappoint. What a lovely way to spend a day with a friend. I have several pairs of Josie's special shoes from China in my craft room and your single mary jane is just precious. I'm so glad you rescued that sweet baby doll. Have a lovely weekend, dear friend.

donna said...

WOW! What great finds Renee. I just love your new doll. So glad that Amy is catching on. It truly is addicting.

Nan said...

Oh goodness I can't stand it. There is a sale tomorrow I might try I know I would never seen anything like any of this you snagged. On the doll. Don't think she is that old, possibly from the late 40's I would guess. The yellow sewing basket you've got to be kidding you found this !!! Not fair that's all I have to say.

Unknown said...

aawwww what lovely finds i really like your doll and haven't seen one like that before. I hope Amy's Father recovers quickly and is soon up and about. dee xx

Tammy said...

I just discovered your blog and I am in *LOVE*!
:-) You have a new follower!

Sewn With Grace said...

Again, we could do some major damage together at an estate sale. You did good! Can't wait to see what you will do with your treasures!

Nicole said...

Hi There! Just catching up on my blogging and wanted to tell you that eventhough I do not sew, nor am I terribly crafty, that I simply love looking at your blog because its such great eye candy. I too love all things vintage, so I always enjoy your posts.


Corey said...

oh yes, you've now given me the perfect excuse to buy things! I will never feel guilty again, because I'm actually doing a service to other vintage "hoarders" out there by keeping them from buying the things themselves!!