Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I must start by saying that I did my best to clean up these pictures.  They were taken by my phone.  I had only the best intentions.  Short of bringing home an entire booth I thought these would be the second best. While I love to wander through a flea market and antique mall there are choice booths at my local shops that I usually make a bee line for.  This time I brought the booths to you.

Hidden in the far northwest corner of Sentimental Journey Antique Mall is a tiny corner of vintage heaven.  I can't tell you how I want to move into this booth.  It is magical.  There is a vintage nursery area...pink and aqua bedroom...and a kitchenette area.  I was struck by this turquoise frame she adorned with flowers.

The most adorable pink milk glass candy dish turned into a lamp.  Pitter patter goes my heart.

The lighting is so poor in her booth but look closely.  You will find Irmi, Josef, tole, house coats, nursery planters the likes of which I have never seen.  Can you see  that sweet pink high chair in the darling nursery print.  She has the cutest aqua play pen that I am dying to find a place for.  Just oozes charm.

Now on the opposite spectrum.  This is the primary side of the grid.  Love this booth that can be found at Nellie and Nico's Flea Market.  This dealer has the wonderful ability to combine all things kitsch.  Check out that pie rack with the glass globes in it at the top of the shelf.  Tinker toys in a vase...yeah.

On the other side of her booth she has a pinball machine. Don't we all!  Charming in so many different ways from the other booth.  Just game room fun.  
I think you can tell I had fun even though I didn't bring anything home.


Nan said...

I enlarged all the photos and really got a close look. Oh I love those greens, the light in that cabinet with those blues is so pretty. Yes a magical place for sure.

Lynn said...

What a fun tour. I'd have no problem spending hours in a magical place like that. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. I particularly love the little lamp. I have a thing for lamps!
:) Lynn

ImagiMeri said...

WHAT???? You didn't bring anything home???? WASSSAMATTA with you? You feeling okay? Let me check your forhead............mmmm, okay, I guess you're not ill.

Talk to ya's later

Cindy said...

Oh girl there was nothing wrong with your camera...these are really great pictures. I did what Nan did and clicked on and really looked..drooled...and wished....thanks for sharing your shopping trip with us.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Unknown said...

When you move in Renee, can I rent a corner? This is such a wonderful booth. Sigh! Also, what an adorable apron with scallops. I just love your sewing posts. They are my favorite! Elizabeth

Musings from Kim K. said...

Thank you for taking us along on your shopping adventures. I'm always intrigued to see where my blogging friends like to find their sacred treasurers. It looks exactly like the place I could spend hours and hours.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I saw a train planter just like mine! I never see booths like this in real life so thanks for the tour, Renee! ♥