Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy Day...Little Story Book

Busy days call for busy books.

I loved running with windmills or whirly gigs when I was little.

White picket fences and paint overalls.

Picture stories...I loved these too.

A money's worth of words for sure.

We still play this game with my kids for hours.

Cutest hopping kids I have ever seen.

Lost and Found

A mother's favorite...indoor games.  How many times have I told my boys to roll the ball.  "Don't throw the ball in the house!"

Paper chains, cardboard boats, broomstick horses and tightrope lines.  Simple, inexpensive, no batteries need and  you still have happy kids.  Once again I am reminded how wonderfully easy things used to be and how we often over complicate it. 

Join me again for another week of Lil' Vintage Story Books at Corey's.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun! I loved these books with games and activities! Very sweet! Happy weekend! ♥

Kathy said...

Oh, I love picture stories! What a fun little book and yes, you are right, we make play so complicated now (assembly required, batteries not included) while all of those things are just as entertaining to a child now as they were then.

Corey said...

Wonderful little book! I love picture stories, too!

vivian said...

what a fun book! I remember picture stories.. hadnt thought of those in many years. How old are your children Renee? I get to start over now with grandbabies! I have your valentine package about ready to go out.. (no hurry for you...) might actually make it to the PO next week.. a little ahead of schedule! (thats unusal for me!lol)
have a great weekend

donna said...

You find the cutest little books. And the graphic are WONDERFUL. Brings back a lot of memories.

Ruby Jean said...

Oh isn't that SWEET... WELL!!! I had a bit of fun today... And I had you on my mind the WHOLE time... :) It has everything to do with DOTS... :)

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Oh, that is just so cute! The illustrations are wonderful!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Anonymous said...

Okay. The paper chains were the clincher! So adorable!

I've wanted to join this party but my laptop does not communicate with my scanner!

Musings from Kim K. said...

So many delightful graphics. I agree with Holly...the paper chain page is absolutely charming.

Nan said...

Oh what a sweet book you have there.

Stampindamour said...

Drooling!!! Cute blog!!!! I'm following now and will had to add you to my fave blog list! xo

-pamela :)

Christine said...

Love this Sweet Activity Book...I used to make those sweet construction paper chains when I was little...Thanx for reminding me of this lovely childhood memory!
Thanx for Sharing this Adorable book! I'm going to participate in Li'l Vintage Story Books this Friday...for sure!