Monday, January 23, 2012

Perfecting a pattern...

Two weeks ago I patiently sewed a sweet little pattern.  I could not leave well enough alone and proceeded to deconstruct it, edit, and completely re-write it.  Oh, I have my reasons. Although, I am not completely sure it is worth all the ripped seams and fabric remnants.

Several versions that just didn't quite thrill me. 

The handles were too long.  The felt clumsy.
The geometric shape didn't flow with the feminine curves of the hankies.
They always collapsed and fell flat.

I did however, like the vintage buttons additions.

Either in the front or on the handles.  It gave them more weight.

This one is my favorite so far.  With the addition of light interfacing I have been able to bulk up the cone shape.  Shortening the handles and better spacing has made it sit better on a hook or handle.  

Playing with the front placket has been the most fun.  I adore these little inverted pleats. 
I can see May baskets, Halloween cones, Christmas gift holders, Easter baskets...

Vintage trims and hankies.  There is always something to be done with these.

Valentine Pincushions
Prototype on the left.  Final copy on the right.
(Jess these are the pages in the McCall's Dressmaker book).

On my first attempt I used the traditional heart shape. While it is still cute it could be better.

Slimmer through the tip.  Less fiberfill and more sand for weight.  
These hankies are such beautiful pieces of fabric.  Rich with pattern and color.  They easily make a vintage statement in any room.

There were plenty of misses.  My trash can was full of scraps.  I knew I would get there but it took a little longer than I thought.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for pattern authors.  I can only imagine how difficult it is...and yet very rewarding.


Anonymous said...

I am in love with them all! I want to try to make one, where'd you get a pattern, or did you just "wing it?" Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hugs ~ Mary

Ruby Jean said...

Oh so Adorable... I have been seeing these Cones all over Blog Land and especially Valentines Ones... I am going to have to try making one of these.... I THINK???... :)

donna said...

Your vintage hankies are so sweet. Love your cones. Reminds me that I have a pattern for those. They are a lot of fun to make.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your vintage buttons and hankies add the perfect touch to your lovely Valentine cones. Darling pin cushions. Heart pins...swoon!

Mecky said...

I love the cones. They are so cute! The hearts are pretty cute, too.
Where did you find the heart pin? Those are perfect for the heart pim cushions!!!

ImagiMeri said...

You are a treasure for all of us pretty lady. Working out all the imperfections yourself and then we get the final "made easier" results. Thank you once again for your generous heart.

Love ya'

busymartha said...

Trial and error, been there, done that! I was a sewer for years, I am finding paper much more forgiving! LOL, Marilyn

Kathy said...

Renee, you are so clever! I love that you make it your own. Wonderful results.

vivian said...

ohhhh! I thought they were perfect from the start! lots of sweet stuff here! makes me smile!
happy day!

LBP said...

I am loving those cones! Your color choices are fantastic. I have several of my grandma's hankies and I'm thinking these would be a great way to turn them into something cute and give to my sister and neice! Valentines Day project has been found!



Anonymous said...

I like the middle one best! Very cute! ♥

★Carol★ said...

I think YOU should be a pattern maker! It seems like you always tweek things and make them your very own, so why not start your own pattern line? From those gorgeous cones to the sweet pin cushions, I think you would be a huge success!

Nan said...

Oh do I ever love that green pincushion!! Colors are so me.

Cindy said...

They turned out lovely! I adore the pleats and the folds you created. And how sweet are those buttons and heart pins...

Have a lovely day!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Renee, I think you SHOULD write your own pattern book. You know, your own updated versions of vintage pieces, with easy to follow instructions. You always make everything look so beautiful.

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh...Renee! You are amazing and your sweet Valentine Cones are so charming..and, what wonderful "May Baskets" they will make, too!
I am in the process of drafting, tweeking, drafting, tweeking some wearable patterns right now.
You are such an insppiration to me, my dear friend!

MomWaldsPlace said...

Reeeaaalllyyy like those hearts! That turquoise one just tickles my fancy. It matches the vintage glassware I just got today. Wow!