Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Grey

To the house of a friend a road is never long.

I believe I gently stumbled on Miss Heather while checking in on Keren at Free Pretty Things for You. Vintage Grey was one of Keren's latest designs and I was sucked in by the gorgeous charm of the header alone.

Then I started reading her posts and seeing things that look very familiar.
(I have these matching candlesticks). That's when you know you have met someone that thinks on the same wave length you do.

Mini Handkerchief Scrap Quilts

Spring Crochet Garland

Makes you think of all the things that you could do with goodies like these but you would rather see what Miss Heather does.

She finds the sweetest vintage things and shares them with you in her posts.  Soon she will be sharing them in her Etsy shop! Above it all she is incredibly kind and talented. I couldn't just keep it all to myself I had to show you all this wonderful new blog. Pop over and find out how sweet and talented Miss Heather is. 


Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been enjoying Vintage Grey for a few weeks now. You and Heather are definitely kindred spirits.

Perfectly Printed said...

Thanks for introducing us to such a wonderful blog!!


Ruby Jean said...

Oh isn't this all just so very Lovely... Adorable... Cute and just plain, YUMMY!!!!

Holly Loves Art said...

Super cute little girls. Love that image.

I popped over to Heather's blog and said hi. She's got a great vintage blog!

Take care,

Blessed Serendipity said...

I have recently discovered her charming blog. Yes you BOTH have charming blogs. You love similar things.


Kathy said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Renee, this looks like fun blog!

busymartha said...

Going to check her blog out, thanks Renee!

Josie-Mary said...

Thanks for sharing :)

vivian said...

well, I will certainly popping in to meet Heather at vintage grey! I LOVE those vintage hankie mini scrap quilts!! I think I have to make one!
thanks for sharing and have a great day!

craftyles said...

I can't wait to check it out. It's neat when you find a kindred blog buddie that like the same stuff you do. Thanks for sharing-I'm on my way over there now!


Your little needle pockets are so sweet!
I'm going to check out that blog! I need more time in my day to visit blogs!

Betty said...

Oh!! I am going to go visit her next! That teeny tiny hankie quilt is adorable!!

gotheart said...

I just love the crochet garland.

So Spring-ish!

Thanks for introducing us to vintage grey!


Unknown said...

Its always nice to find another lovely blog i will pop over now ;-) Enjoy your week, dee x

birdie blue said...

she does have a darling blog, and the two of you do share many of the same sensibilities. both of you have sites filled with charm.


Cheryl said...

How funny... I just found her about three blogs ago just today before coming to YOUR blog.... :-P

trish said...

I just love Heather's blog. :0) Isn't she just the nicest girl? :0)
It is such a sweet place to visit and I can't wait for her etsy shop to open.
I hope you have a wonderful week.
Sincerely. Trish