Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Story Book: Part One

Mother Goose Rhymes 
Copyright 1943
Saalfield Pub. Co.
Akron, Ohio

This book was tucked in a bucket in the darkest corner of a junk shop.  It was the only thing I bought from the shop and is now a prized possession among many. The illustrations and almost lost limericks are now forever captured here to share.

There are many sweet rhymes that have been lost through the years.

Surprisingly it is bound in spiral.

I haven't heard this version of Polly since nursery school.

Poor Solomon Grundy?

I will have you know I wash on Saturday...such a sloth!

Four and twenty...and we wonder why our kids can't count know?  Because everything does it for them!

This is such a lovely book full of so much I have to do it in two parts...(next Friday will be the other half of the book.)

Join me over at Corey's for another week of Lil' Vintage Story Books.

Those little bird clips from my previous post were purchased from Amazon.
You can find the link here...


vintage grey said...

This is a great find!! The illustrations are so sweet and colorful! I have not heard of some of these rhymes before, but they are so fun!! Love the cat with its fiddle!! Have a great night!! xo Heather

GardenOfDaisies said...

Thanks for the link to the clips. I thought they were so cute when I saw them in the picture with your teatowels.
Fun illustrations! I loved reading mother goose rhymes to my kids when they were young and will often give a volume to a new mom as a shower gift. I've still got two or three (or four) versions around here. Yes, I still have an entire bookshelf just of children's literature. When you have a whole family full of teachers and librarians and artists you end up with people who hoard books.

Musings from Kim K. said...

That queen of hearts is just darling. Another fabuluous vintage book.

busymartha said...

Always fun to amble through your vintage books Renee! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn

Corey said...

I love the cat playing the fiddle the best! But all the illustrations are so sweet!

NanE said...

Oh my gosh Renee what a precious book and a great find! I think it is very unusual that it is spiral bound, I don't think that was very common for that era and probably explains why it is in such good condition. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend, Nan
ps: I know I've told you before but your new blog design is so sweet and makes me smile every time I see it!

Kathy said...

Great illustrations, especially the cow jumping over the moon!

Ana Márquez said...

I love these beautiful sweets retro images :-) Thanks for sharing them with us! Kisses from Spain

Vintage Collages

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Renee!
Oh, what a wonderful collection of nursery rhymes...One's I grew up with :)
Thank you for sharing these enchanting tales!
Blessings, sweet friend!
Carolynn x x x

Mecky said...

That is a great book. I am so glad that you found it. Thank you for sharing. Some of those i totally forgot about. Some I didn't even know.
I will have to share the Robin Redbreast with my sister, Robin! She hated that! hehehe

Betsy said...

Hi Renee,
I think I had that book growing up-it seems so very familiar. I'm catching up on my blog reading and love your new look. It's so eye-catching and the colors are so unique. I see you worked with Keren at FPTFY. You must have had such fun with this.


Nan said...

Now that book right away I knew I had one of those as a child. I really think it's gone now as I don't recall seeing it here. I never forget my books but I wonder what became of some of them that are missing!!

Mimos da Claralú! said...

Oh my ... Mother Goose! This is just fantastic Renné.
And the pictures, beautiful, back in time, literally!
Be blessed one week.

SLR said...

there is nothing like the beauty of a vintage illustration!

janice15 said...

These reminds me of my Dad...he always recited nursery rhymes to me and later to my children knowing most of them by heart...great post thank you for sharing...with love Janice