Wednesday, April 18, 2012


After a brief stint in the high 80's (degrees) this March we are enjoying a beautiful Spring. The kind you can leave the door open all day long.  There have been a few plant losses from the fall renovations and a few new plantings.  Nothing major...but the blooms this year are beautiful.

(Every garden should have one to remind you how gorgeous Mother Nature is.)

False Indigo
(Soft foliage and lovely sweet pea like flowers.)

Yellow False Indigo
 (The first year this yellow variety has bloomed for me.)

(Planted near the hose valve, it is such a treat to smell each time you have to water.)

 (Mature flowers create this beautiful Queen Anne's Lace effect.)

 (New flowers start out lime green.)

Variegated Hosta
(Reliable, and beautiful in arrangements.)

(No noticeable flowers but the leaves are striking.)

Among all the fresh new foliage are favorite tools emerging from their winter storage. 


busymartha said...

Beautiful Photo's Renee! Wish you lived close to me, I could use a little help in that department!

birdie blue said...

your garden is looking beautiful, miss renee. you're as talented with flowers, as you are with fabric. how sweet is that vintage sprinkler?


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Your season is much further than ours. Clematis is slowly growing up my trellis and false indigo is just emerging from the earth. I know it is coming, but your photos make me want spring NOW

Musings from Kim K. said...

Gorgeous. I cant wait to see irises again. We're slowing catching up with you. We haven't had your warm temps, but it's nice to see green around the treehouse again.

Mecky said...

That is a cute sprinkler!
My irises are the same beautiful light purple! They were here when we bought the house. Love them.
My clemtis didn't survive last year. When I planted it, it was suppose to be purple. It was white. White flowers don't show up nicely on a white house!! LOL. I will try again

BTW, Renee, I painted the last coat on the last two doors!! WooHoo. Only I do have a few to redo a tad bit. I will get to the beadboard, doors and trim after tomorrow! Then I can have a life again!
Have a good night

vintage grey said...

You have such a beautiful garden!! Today was a warm 80's with a nice breeze! Perfect spring day! Love the vintage sprinkler!! How fun!! Thanks again for your sweet comment and purchase today!! It made my day!! Can't wait for your Etsy shoppe to open!! :) xo Heather

Kathy said...

Gorgeous flowers!! You are quite a bit ahead of us here in the PNW. Our flowers are just getting started and iris usually bloom in June. My clemantis is about 12" high right now and won't bloom until July. Enjoy!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your garden is lovely! I especially LOVE that Baptisia! I had that at the first little house we owned, years ago. Your clematis is really lovely too. I should get one to grow up my lamp post like some of the neighbors do.

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

Thanks for sharing! Your plants are beautiful! We live in an upstairs apartment and it's too cold to plant our flower pots... so until we can have flower beds of our own, I'll just enjoy looking at yours!!

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely photo's :)

Nan said...

Oh these are beautiful and a pleasure to see over our same old same old I've seen for months on end.

Diane Mars said...

What a beautiful garden, you should be proud garden work is a lot of work! Great job! Hugs, Diane

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Lovely photographs - great to see the beautiful colours in the garden.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

vivian said...

Oh I do wish I liked to garden....
I shall live vicariously through you!
have a great day!!

craftyles said...

Beautiful flowers. I can't wait till we are at the point of having pretty flowers like yours. Love the clamatis! Glad you are having nice weather. It's super nice here in Tx too!

Unknown said...

I love it! You are so talented.


Into Vintage said...

It makes me so happy to know I'm not the only person who gets a thrill from a charming sprinkler head! Yours is perfect - love it!

On the flower front, things are lagging here in Oregon but your photos give me hope...

Little Susie Home Maker said...

so pretty! And the sprinkler is cute too!
Susie said...

Renee ~ as always, BEAUTIFUL photos! And that sprinkler!!! OMG, I've gotta find one for my garden!