Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Christmas Greetings...

If a front door is any indication of what you might see inside the door, I hope mine screams vintage goodies.  Not very many people proudly perch their blow molds in our neighborhood. No, sadly I live amongst the strictly modern white light and trendy rattan reindeer.  I am knee deep in suburban America where the moms look like they haven't eaten since high school and the closest thing to sewing is how great the stitching is on their designer jeans.  That's a whole different post...I however, love blow molds and my front door welcomes you with the fantastic winter faces that I snitched from my mom.  She didn't mind, but she doesn't let me forget where they came from either.  While I go inside and eat a couple cookies and flip through some real sewing magazines you all enjoy these great vintage finds that adorn my front doorway.

This vintage bottle brush came from etsy. I haven't had any luck at sales but I wanted to add it to my door so I splurged.  I hooked it to my Nell Hill's Bird Cage that usually holds my vintage garden tool wreath.   
I love this jolly Santa cookie jar, but it creeps my kiddos out.  Maybe I should put cookies in it?  That might make him more friendly.

Okay, this one I really did steal from my mom.  She has a knack for selling family memories on ebay.  I made her find him a and gift him to me as he is all I have left of my Christmas memories.  I adore Frosty and this year he got a tree as a companion (estate sale find).  They adorn our living room fireplace mantle.  

Growing up in Texas we didn't have these great winter Kansas they are a dime a dozen.  I love this one propped by the door.  I also love the snow and this year we keep missing it.

I love the colors and the faces.  They are fun and different.  Not at all trendy and predictable.  I don't light them, I hate cords, but they have a spot light on them from the yard.  Nothing tacky here.  We don't want to upset the HOA.
I wear my vintage geek flag proudly.  I am old (wise) enough to know better than to go along with the crowd.  They always miss the good stuff.  Should you pass my door, please come in for a cookie and we can giggle at the way too trendy suburbs...  

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Unknown said...

I am so very happy you have jumped in with both feet! Your blog is such a joy! I have had you in my thoughts lately as I would like to do a post about your blog next week if I may called, "Introducing...." with a goal that others will share a new friend. I would love to feature photos from your blog especially of your wonderful craft room. Oh how I wish you could have seen the dozens and dozens of pincushions I made with Irmi lamps. I have given them all way, but boy are they ever cute vintage favorites! Looking forward to all your future posts! Elizabeth