Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You can find the daises

I watched a little girl at the pool today with a miniature bag of m and m's. She devoured them as if the bottom of the bag had a treasure chest in it. Each one eaten faster than the color could be decided. Once she was done she joyfully hopped up and handed the bag to her grandmother. No disappointment or frown. Simply, pure enjoyment.

I wonder what my life would be like if I had devoured each day like this little girl.  Would everything have been rosy?  With a sweet smell that lingered?

Sadly, the last few months have been a mountainous climb full of disappointment, tears, and too many changes to list. Almost like a seed packet, neatly packed tight.  Someone emptied us into the soil and out of what we new only as home.

Our manicured home has become a new "different". A full time job, a divorce, and an uncertain future have caused me to humble myself and find guidance and friendship where I never knew it existed.

You can find me in the daisies at our local garden center. Capturing pictures of the latest farm fresh arrivals. Each person I work with more deserving than the last. A new family to hold my hand, show me my backbone and a solid future with which to plan on.

During the early months we sat wistfully and cried together and this day never seemed possible but just like Spring arrives every year, we too have blossomed into a family of four. Tighter than a bud in bloom.

Our once familiar home became a shell until we broke open the door one day lately and embraced the future we (me and the three kids) will share. 

New spaces for "my" mending within steps of the door I swing through each night.

Old faces revisited and newly placed. 

Friends who have been dear reminding me that strength is from within.

Thank you for all your kind words and sweet notes, sometimes weekly. 

I have learned some very important things in the past few months.
1. Nursing wasn't for me.
2. Trust can always be broken.
3. Friends are priceless.
4. Children are the best gift ever.
5. Follow your heart...mine lead me back to the garden. 
most importantly
DEVOUR each day like there is treasure at the bottom.

 I will keep you updated as to how my room works out. Thank you for all your kind words and sweet notes, sometimes weekly they have been my treasure. 
With my new work schedule post might only be monthly but I assure you it feels good to be where I am right the daisies.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Time for a new book.

I have been toying with the idea that it is time to turn the page in my own book so to speak. Wondering if it was out of fear or excited about what it might be. A waning creative drive helped make the decision. No, last year was not a "great" year for me but it was my year and I have to own it. No amount of talking or tears will help me see something I need to do any clearer. 
The definition of me is first and foremost a mom.  I have three wonderful children that don't need any more hand holding. As they have grown older my definition hasn't changed, I remain a mom. While I have spent time out volunteering and sewing, a little bit of side work as a preschool teacher and a few other odd jobs, I haven't committed myself to anything because of the children. In someways I have lost the definition of myself. The girl that graduated college in 3 years..because she was driven and more importantly motivated somehow morphed into someone I don't recognize. 
All of this leads to a great deal of change and anxiety. Of course this economy is not conducive to taking my time and or my choice of career paths. Going back to school full time to pursue something I might like seems duly daunting. And so here I am realizing...its not only time to turn the page but probably time for a new book. My husband supporting me as I take each new step. My children needing a new role model for what their future may be. 
All of this being said, I wanted to take time to express my absolute gratitude to all of you who have supported me over the past two years. Your gentle words and packages in the mail have provided such sweet memories and kindness. I am truly thankful. 
On Monday, I open up the new book that has been placed before me and start training to become a medical assistant. Three full months of classroom work and study. Something I haven't done in years. To be fair, I am more than a little afraid but I am excited to be getting out of the old and learning to embrace the new. 
I know it is always a little bit sad when I finish a book, fear of missing time spent with the characters, but it is just as exciting to find another book and begin a new journey.
Thank you for this journey.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hanging the tinsel...

We are deep in the midst of the holiday rush. Each child has a concert and the oldest has finals. This year we have an "angel" in the Christmas play! I am slightly excited. I have been wrapping up a few Christmas gifts for the family and exchanged a few with others. The forecast has a chance for snow this week too. 

The kitchen is waiting for the cookies to be baked...on Tuesday.

The shelves in the hearth room are sparkling with glitter.

Kissing angels perch on my favorite books.

Putting these delicate items with my transfer ware always make me smile.

Santa's in their place.

Flocked wreaths that lean gently on heirlooms.

The light of a tole lamp and some frosty music.

A favorite vintage vignette in my tiny hutch.

I wish this cabinet were twice as big. It holds all my favorites.

This block is a new gift from my friend Kim K. It is a child's building block with a Santa image and some anagrams. I love it. Of course I had bins full of these...that I donated to my kids preschool. I love that Kim always sees something wonderful in an ordinary item.

My kids are too old to sit on Santa's lap now. These Santa photos are wonderful to decorate with.

Vintage tea towels in the kitchen make a beautiful statement.
Over the last few weeks I have received some of the most beautiful handmade items and gifts from my wonderful blogging pals. Each one of them so loved. Thank you all for thinking of me during this very busy time of the year. 

I am off to finish all the last minute details. My calendar pages are full. I look forward to a few days off with my wonderful family. I will be back after I catch my breath.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The new old...

Why is it that I can place a memory with faces and things but never dates? I often wonder if not knowing how old I was is part of the mystery. "Oh, I remember that I made it with girl scouts. Afterwards, we played red rover and I remember it was warm out." Not..."That was 1982." Regardless, I am thankful to have remembered the thought.

Made in my very early elementary years, this sweet Kewpie has somehow managed to survive 11 houses and countless Christmases. The first of many crafts. I remember circling her belly with just a hint of rouge and gilding those tiny wings.

A few new old ornaments from my gatherings this past year. 
This one has just a hint of green around the middle. 

A few from my father's tree growing up. 
I should tell you the rest of them are buried in a crawlspace in Honolulu. My uncle refuses to relinquish them.

A crackling snow scene.

Perfect pink polka dots.

Silent stenciled night.

Indents in new shapes.

Lovely tiny stripes.

Glittered stars on shiny brites.

And a patriotic gem.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments from the last post. I appreciate every comment and thought. It will help guide me through the process of deciding what to do with my Etsy.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Ladies...I have hit an impasse. I cannot seem to decide what the world of Etsy is going to be for me. There are a few questions that I have to ask because I simply cannot answer them myself. What would you like to see in my Esty shop? 

Do the pillows make an impression. I am always up for a vintage hankie or seven?

Needlebooks...These are fun to sew up and use vintage fabric on.

Thought about a few vintage patterns and embroidery made new? starting place. 

Which ones do you like the best, full or half?

The bins are great but how many could someone need. These have now been discounted although similar ones will be seen in an upcoming magazine...shh!

Or is it the "stuff" I find that makes you smile?

I am leaning towards vintage embroidery patterns that you can download. I have so many that I could share.

Just a few questions that I can't answer. If you would be so kind and answer a few so that I can  market myself a bit more for my customers and followers. Thank you in advance for helping. I simply could not do this without all of your support.