Monday, December 10, 2012


Ladies...I have hit an impasse. I cannot seem to decide what the world of Etsy is going to be for me. There are a few questions that I have to ask because I simply cannot answer them myself. What would you like to see in my Esty shop? 

Do the pillows make an impression. I am always up for a vintage hankie or seven?

Needlebooks...These are fun to sew up and use vintage fabric on.

Thought about a few vintage patterns and embroidery made new? starting place. 

Which ones do you like the best, full or half?

The bins are great but how many could someone need. These have now been discounted although similar ones will be seen in an upcoming magazine...shh!

Or is it the "stuff" I find that makes you smile?

I am leaning towards vintage embroidery patterns that you can download. I have so many that I could share.

Just a few questions that I can't answer. If you would be so kind and answer a few so that I can  market myself a bit more for my customers and followers. Thank you in advance for helping. I simply could not do this without all of your support.


ImagiMeri said...

Personally, I like the goodies you find, although I love everything you make I hate to use them for fear of staining or tearing them (I'm very messy). The things you make, I consider heirloom worthy, and I just don't have a lot of need for those, but the items you find, egads, supplies are desperately needed in blogland for those of us who live in states that don't have a lot of vintage goodies (at reasonable prices). Maybe you can have two different shops, one for things you make, and one for things you find...just like Magpie Ethel, or Elizabeth Holcombe. It's a very valid marketing question you're asking, and I hope you find your answers.

Love ya'

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Start with your favorite thing, then the next, and the next. Truly, all of your things are absolutely wonderful. I think Meri has a very good idea about perhaps having two shops, each dedicated to different needs. If you don't want to do that though, then just start with one and see how it goes. I think people would be very happy to have a shop full of this and that, never knowing what treasure would appear at the next visit. I love all of the things you make and collect, and I know I am not alone. For instance, I am also a lover and collector of vintage embroidery and the embroidery patterns, I have a ton. I would love to see your collection and see if there are more I can buy to add to mine. I too will be building up my Etsy shop in the new year, and will be mostly focusing on selling patterns for quilts, embroidery, dolls, childrens' clothing, and a few other things like vintage inspired stuff. I will also carry some of the finished products to help use up this fabric stash! :) I think you don't need to narrow it down to just one or two things. I'm going to sell all of it. For me it is like choosing my favorite child. Just can't do it. I love them all.
Perhaps that is why finding that pause button would be so helpful. How can you not be so excited and consumed about something you love so much? Well, I guess if you come up with another way of handling it and finding balance different than I am trying let me know, because I think we could write a book and help tons of people! Maybe let's get Meri in on it too, she probably has some thoughts on the subject!
Thanks for visiting and leaving the nice comment, it is always so nice to hear from you!

Unknown said...

I love your embroidery and the "stuff" that you find!

Betty said...

Because you live in wonderful Ohio,it's the STUFF you can find there...being in the Pacific Northwest we just don't have that quality and quanity of stuff.
I sell more vintage over patterns and handmade.

vintage grey said...

Oh, I adore it all!! I love your creations, Renee!! Your aprons are gorgeous, your pillows, especially that one, are amazing! ;) The bins are so sweet, and I definitely think the vintage embroidery patterns to download is a great idea!! Maybe you could do a mixture of your creations and patterns/finds. Hope this helps and I know what ever you choose, it will be most lovely and successful!! xo Heather

Musings from Kim K. said...

I think a mixture of your hand-created goodies and your "treasures" are the perfect combination.

GardenOfDaisies said...

I think a combo sounds like it would reach the most buyers. But whatever you do, I'm sure it will be wonderful. Can't wait to hear more news about this "magazine". :-)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh you have such lovely things Renee! I love it all! I think your shop would be wonderful with a mixture of your things. Those aprons and pillows are so sweet and the bins too! Sharing some vintage finds and patterns sounds fun too! Not sure if I helped much, can't wait to see what you decide though! :) Hugs, Holly

Angel said...

I believe anything you put out on Etsy will sell! You have great taste and make such beautiful things. Just make what makes you happy and a buyer will come!!!

Best Wishes!

craftyles said...

Maybe a mix of vintage finds and your wonderful creations. I'd love to see vintage embroidery pattern downloads. I'm having some of the same issues-not sure what people want and will buy. I'll be interested to know what ideas everyone has.

Unknown said...

My first love is the goodies you find, second would be needlework! and third your wonderful half aprons!!!! The problem with Etsy is that once it gets going it can become all consuming....and your items will go fast! So be ready, have a lot of stock on hand...and I ADORE your Etsy banner!!!!! You might want to wait until after Christmas to start the was so nice talking to you yesterday! XOXO Sandy

Unknown said...

whatever you decide will go quickly like most have said...

I love the birdie apron the bright and cheerful!!

Kathy said...

Renee, I admire that you are making a PLAN! Just this morning I was thinking that after the new year I need to give my Etsy a good scrubbing and some re-thinking. I have drifted far, far away from my original plan.
If you are anything like me you are going to have a hard time sticking to just one thing so remember, you can make sections so you can have different things then just see what is popular.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

To me, your vintage style embroidery pieces are the best. I would think that people would love to buy little pieces (like the needle books, half aprons, and totes) that have some of those sweet images on them. The main thing I have learned about Etsy is that people like "SMALLS". Both in handmade and vintage.
I'm going to focus hard on my two Etsy shops in the new year. I was worried about setting up two of them, but once I did it, it was fine. It's nice to be able to list
I didn't realize (according to the above comments) that the women really do want lots of vintage things. I think we both live in areas where we are able to find lots of it! So I'm going to focus on that!
Oh, and what if you offered that bag you made me, as a custom listing? I would think you could sell those like hotcakes! I use mine all the time!
Happy Holidays My Friend :)

Jennifer Bontrager said...

I would enjoy the goodies that you find and also your sweet vintage style embroidery. Needlebooks would be really cute as well.

Barbara said...

You're getting all kinds of good advice! I would have those bins on hand (and a post ready to go) when that magazine hits (eager to hear more on that front!) Two shops - one for finds, one for handmade - seems like a good idea if you're up for that. I think I do the best when I have things at a variety of prices, so there's always something that someone can afford. I do love the idea of patterns and kits.

Unknown said...

I love them all! I love them all!

donna said...

Oh my dear you are so talented. Your half aprons with all the cute embroidery, then there are your sweet pillows oh boy then the things you find I could go on and on. I just love your ideas and finds. But what a great idea to sell your embroidery patterns. Boy my ADD is kicking in. I feel like you will succeed at what ever you choose. You always poor your heart and soul into everything you do.

Into Vintage said...

Magazine? ... sounds exciting! I love your handmade items AND I'm a big fan of vintage finds.

I would imagine your embroidery patterns could become your bread and butter -- multiple, continuous sales from a library of patterns.

I ended up with two etsy shops as well (handmade and vintage finds). Seems like I'm always tinkering with what works. For me, the tricky part with handmade is making sure the item price includes profit.

New year, new plans! Very exciting!! PS Your half apron is so cute -- perfect to use as a vintage vendor.

Chenille Cottage said...

Hello sweet Renee!
Now, I'm not going to be of much help, I'm afraid. Namely because I love everything you make...You have such a sweet and unique style. I always love the whimsical prints and colors you select for your projects.
My vote is for more of everything...Sorry to be such a ninkenpoop!
Big hugs,
Carolynn xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think your handmade items and your vintage finds would all be great for Etsy. You seem to have really great thrift stores where you live with terrific vintage items in pretty good condition (unlike out here in the west) and your sewing/embroidery is wonderful. Because I am a hand embroider too, I already have a vast collection of originals, but maybe others would like copies of yours to download.
I also think you have some of the best vintage card graphics and maybe you'd want to make CD copies (provided they are past copyright date) like some sellers. I have bought CDs from sellers in the past..not sure if they still do that or just download after purchase.
I don't sell on Etsy but I do buy. One thing I do know...presentation & description is key. You already have amazing, big, colorful photos on your blog and if you present the item in a setting on Etsy photos it will really make a difference. You are selling not just an item but a "feeling"...describing an item with detail and care in words as well as in a terrific setting...think of it as a photo shoot for a magazine.
For instance, a retro apron shown hanging on the back of a chippy vintage door or flapping on a vintage clothesline in one shot, as well as a close up. It just gives life and personality...and, I'm not a marketing person but I do know what evokes.
Good luck - I'm sure you will suceed!

Corey said...

For me, it's the STUFF! I usually like to make my own things, so I love buying vintage stuff to do that with! But I think your little bins are adorable, and I'm always tempted by anything with a cute vintage embroidery on it.
But I've always found with trying to do "art" for a profit that you need to do what you like the best, or you'll start to hate it before too long.
Good luck! I always forget that you have a shop- I'll have to pop over and see what goodies you've got there!

Nancy said...

It's all good! You have room for several catagories in your shop. Use them to separate things into - - well - - catagories!! Some will want the finished things and some will want supplies and patterns. Your items all relate to each other in, so they should all blend well in your shop. But you definitely need to get some inventory built up. Your creations are amazing and will be popular, but it takes time to be seen on Etsy. It doesn't happen overnight! However, with your amazing blog, people will find you if you put the word out.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I like the idea of two shops. One for goodies and one for crafting..I used to have them intermixed and found it was easier to have them separate. I love your little pillows and the little tea towel that Barbara had on her blog with Merry Christmas was are good with that magic needle. I am sure the vintage embroidery would do well too...

Ann said...

I'm a sucker for vintage anything, but vintage linens are so special. You have some nice ones. I have one Etsy shop that offers both vintage and my handmade goods, but I, too, am thinking of splitting them up. Oh, what to do, what to do? All I know is, however you offer them, you must offer the things you love.

Laura said...

I love everything you make! Your aprons a really beautiful and unique! But I myself would love to see more of your baskets with childrens embroidery or fabric to hold toys and things :) My first grandchild will be born in's going to be a boy...I'm so excited! I would really love to see little cowboys...especially this fabric if you can find comes in aqua and yellow background colors.. or maybe baskets with embroidered cowboys on them..I'm will to buy...I just couldn't find any hanky prints in the stores that I liked so I guess I will settle for the vintage fabric look or some embroidered cowboys!

Have a great holiday, hope to join you next year in the Christmas swap

Lesa said...

I love the hankie pillow. Not only is it my initial, but she's a brunette. How I'd love her in my house. Your work is wonderful! People are going to love it whatever you decide.

Ntsisterz said...

I am fortunate enough to own one of your bins, so I am biased. I love the size, design, etc. Being that I am a vintage collector and seller, I vote for throwing in some goodies now and then to showcase your sewing. Something cute in the pocket of an apron or next to a bin,and I'm buying."Pairing" in photos may sell more. Vintage images for download are very popular and you always have great images.I have a feeling that vintage embroidery, crewelwork and needlepoint are the next hot sellers in the vintage market, so you could be ahead of the game. Go with your heart and use your head and let the Man upstairs handle the rest!