Friday, July 27, 2012

The water is calling...

The water is calling like no other year before. It has been two very long years since we last visited our favorite state away from home. This will be our first time to visit the great Lake Michigan. We have been so fond of Lake Superior. 

Miles of sandy beaches with cool breezes I can feel already.

Every day is Mother's Day in Michigan....say no more.

I have plotted out the beach path for beach glass.

My wonderful friend from Michigan, Kim of Musings of Kim K. has helped me plot out the antique stores.

The packing commences tomorrow morning. 
Our animal and house sitter arrives early next week. 

It is a good thing KU basketball keeps me coming home to Kansas or might just have to stay in Michigan.

See you all on August 7th.


Barbara said...

I will miss you! (I consulted my rag rug expert, my mom, on your questions, but that can wait 'til you return.) Have a wonderful time - but I think that's a given.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I am sure you will come all rested and inspired! I long to spend a long week in a house on a I will enjoy your trip vicariously...hope the shops are full of wonderful things! =D

Unknown said...

Oh Renee! i could just cry! My husband and I are suppose to be on Lake Michigan at this very moment for our family reunion, but my husband has been assigned a flight that doesn't allow enough time to rest from driving. Please if you travel as far as Crystal Mountain, or Frankfort, or Traverse City, or.... Enjoy the beautiful beaches for me. AND OH!!! Thank you for my wonderful banner! It is so YOU and so sweet! The thimble is perfect! Enjoy your trip! Elizabeth

vintage grey said...

Have a beautiful and relaxing vacation!! xo Heather

busymartha said...

Enjoy the lake! I live right by the ocean, so I guess I am spoiled, we always have a cool breeze, enjoy, Marilyn.

vivian said...

renee, I hope you have a lovely time. nothing beats time at the beach!
also, thank you soooo much for the banner that found its way to me in this afternoons mail! I love it, so cute to hang the thimble from it!
Have a lovely week!!

Unknown said...

Well, I suppose you deserve a vacation too! I received my package today and I was speechless!!!! So cute Renee!!!!! That little thimble was so cute! I will mail yours out the end of this next week if you are to be gone a week...:) Have a great time! Sandy

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Have a wonderful time! Looks heavenly, I have never been to Michigan but now it's on my list, in the Summertime anyway!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

he wont see me because on August 7th we will be on our way to France!!
Hope you have a fab time Renee - that sea glass looks amazing. Cleggy has bought me some beautiful bits of sea glass jewellery over the years..its a firm fave!
Sending love for happy hols
fee x

Musings from Kim K. said...

I hope your upcoming respite is perfect. Please promise me that you'll sneak in some antiquing. Our state is full of all sorts of lovely stores just waiting to be discovered.

PS. Your vintage Michigan ads are just delightful. I need to save them for future crafting projects.

Kathy said...

Oh, beach glass and antique malls and gloreous relaxation - savor every moment!!
Happy Holisters were my favorite books when I was a little girl and I still have them all. Wish I could magically transport them there so you could lay on the beach in your lounge chair and read them.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I read your comment on E's button box post. I wanted to let you know that your gift with fabric and needle blesses us all. Isn't it wonderful that we each have unique gifts and talents? You make me want to be a better seamstress! =D

Lynn said...

Have and wonderful and safe trip!!

Unknown said...

Have a great trip!! Enjoy the beach!!


Paula said...

I sure hope that you enjoy your vaca!

I remember having a sand shovel like the one's that were shown!

LBP said...

You know I have never even seen sea glass. The only beaches I have been to are in Virginia and SC and are very commercial and it's just not there. I hope you have a wonderful time.


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Have a wonderful trip and ENJOY!!! :) Love those shovels! xo Holly

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Relax and enjoy. Hoping your vacation is purely magical.

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Renee...
This must be the weekend for "road trips" for several of us. I'm at the beach this weekend with my Mom and sisters. We have waded in the cool Pacific, gathered seashells and gotten sunburned. It's been such fun!
I love your vintage post...with it's charming style. Do you remember the Norman Rockwell picture of the American family "before" heading to the beach...and, then the "after" of them plodding home? It's one of my favorites.
Have a wonderful and restful time, my sweet friend!
Blessings and safe travel,
Carolynn xo

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation... All my family is originally from Michigan... loved the old memorabilia. Just perfect.


craftyles said...

I hope you relax and have good times with your family(with a little time for those antique stores). We'll miss you! Have a great vacation!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!! My nephew celebrated his birthday on the UP last week.

Jess said...

Have a wonderful time. And soak up the cool!

Sewn With Grace said...

Have a wonderful time! You will love it all!

Mecky said...

Have a great trip! Enjoy the water and I hope you find some great antiques!!

Mimos da ClaralĂș! said...

Hello my dear friend! How long ... You're on vacation too? That's good. What a beautiful picture ... Very short moments of rest. Be blessed one week.
A big hug and be with God!

donna said...

Renee it looks beautiful. Hope you enjoy your time. I will miss you.



Chenille Cottage said...

Just thinking about you this morning, sweet Renee...I hope you are having a wonderful vacation on the water!
Blessings and summer sunshine,
Carolynn xo said...

Love this post, how you tied it all the vintage goodies with your itinerary! Hope you're having a blast:)


Justine of SewCountryChick said...

I just love your blog! Im a new follower.