Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Happy Homemaker Tag

A beloved nursery rhyme played over and over with my kids.  Often remembered from my childhood too.  This is the pick for my August Happy Homemaker Tag.  The above image is from a vintage nursery rhyme book linen like in feel.  I find these often in poor shape but the images remain as bright as the day they were printed.

lil' Laurie 
Purchased a while ago for my birthday month.  This spun head creation via Magpie is making her debut.  I am enamored with her color and obvious message!  She reminds me so much of Miss Laurie (Magpie Ethel) herself.   Gorgeous curls, sunny nature and a forever wish of Happy Day!    

On time per calendar pages.

Every little scrap kept tidy and safe just in case I might need it.  With only four months left I feel far more confident that I have plenty of supplies to last me through.

Window curtain pleated.  Doily lace peeking from below.  Geranium potted to perfection.  Baby safely held.

The vintage birthday candle holders are one of my favorite things to find.  They always add charm and color.  Glitter added in the cup just because I could.

I meant to make the blocks in shapes to mimic gifts.  Not sure if I achieved it but I had these tiny piece all the same.  The baker brought the cake just for me!  Don't even think about counting the candles!  

Can't decide what I like best about these paper tags.  The vintage images I get to revisit and use for display or the wonderful tiny trinkets that I sift through to add the dimension.  Either way it is so much fun to pull all the things together that I hunt for through the months.  


Unknown said...

This is beyond cute!!!! I wishI had your talent for putting things together...I have definitely lost my mojo for soon as it cools down I know it will come knocking at the door....:):) Sandy

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your tags are always so delightful. The little embellishments make them extra special. The candle holders are simply perfect. By the way, I picked up a IRMI lightswitch very similar to what you featured in today's post. The clock and the little boy and girl are identical. Fate.

GARAGE SALE GAL said... sew and make AWESOME tags!!! Very talented gal you are :) LOVE the TAG!!
Deb :)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your tag is really cute!! One of these days I'll have to try my hand at these fun little tags. But right now I seem to have all the "busy" I can handle. So I'll just enjoy looking at yours.

donna said...

Your tags are great. I love the vintage images and all the things you put together. I have been looking for the candle holders very hard to find. Your spun head creation is so cute as well.

Nan said...

What a sweet little tag but yours are always so cute. I guess I better get on mine. I missed last months, actually I think everyone did. E has inspired us to get with it.

Kathy said...

Your tag is wonderful and Laurie's spin head creation is perfect for you!

Unknown said...

Renee, Your tags are always so charming! Do please add it to the McLinky at the bottom of my post. I loved the previous photo of your wedding ring. OM Goodness! does it ever look like the antique ones I recovered from my family homestead in New Orleans circa 1920's. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! E

Unknown said...

I love your tag the image is amazing.

Nancy said...

Now that's just genius...the little flower/candle holder. This tag is about my favorite - the curtains, the images. It's completely adorable and you are one clever paper artist. xoxo Nancy

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Loving the have a talent with them as well as that needle of yours! The candle holder as the flower is perfect! Fun to see my spun head gal smiling at me from your blog...happy day!