Monday, May 2, 2011

Peter Pat

The curiosity of little boys...mine are too big now.  They have mouths that get them in trouble sometimes.  I remind them often that I have many scars from motherhood on my heart and my torso!  I am told that is TMI.  Wonderful, how they stop communicating and start to revert back to the gibberish.  They aren't curious about bugs any longer.  Now, they are into girls and cars and video games.  But one day, not long ago...I remember they loved their mommy and every thing she did was magic.  Maybe that's why I always go for the nursery/child vintage items.

Peter Pat is my newest addition to the Junior Elf book collection.  Long gone are the days when police men wore gloves and not guns.

Little Peter Pat all dressed up with a belt.  He has wandered too far from home and is looking for his mommy.

Happily at home on his tricycle.  Peter Pat got to ride home in the police car. 

Titles that are an era long gone.  The Little Red Wagon...Jiggers...Cowboy Dan....

These books are kept in the half bath and I even catch my husband reading them.  The kids get excited when they see a new one that I sneak in. (When my kids are at school I sneak peeks at their baby albums.)  I am always surprised at the amount of words on the pages.  These are mini novels.   

Every year when Mother's Day rolls around I get that dreaded question "What do you want for Mother's Day?"  Well, I don't need anything, thankfully. 
 The memories of the past and the gift of the future is enough for me.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I just got done packing 4 school lunches and rewarded myself with a peek at my favorite blog. I'm glad I did. I especially love how your husband is enjoying/sneaking your sweet vintage books too. Happy soon-to-be Mother's day!

Hearts Turned said...

So very sweet, Renee...that's all I need for Mother's Day, too...the perfect gift!

Hope your day is wonderful...


GardenOfDaisies said...

Your vintage children's book collection is so sweet.
Being a Mom is the best job in the whole world. :-) It is hard to watch them leave childhood behind, but also really rewarding to see them become more mature. I truly LOVE the young woman and young man my children are becoming. So much smarter than I ever was at their age.

donna said...

Love your vintage childerns books. I miss thoughs days with my son.