Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Rusty Day

Getting back to my regular schedule now that the snow days are over.  
Today I took a trip to my favorite local antique store with a list in hand.  I know better than to just drift aimlessly through the store.  

Oh the goodies to be had today were loaded with rust.  Somehow my theme ended up to be red and white.  Very unplanned but fun just the same.

An old glass towel bar...some paint and cleaning and this ones going up in the half bath asap.

An old tin shelf.  White with a red lip that's so cute, but I think yellow is going to be its new color soon.

This sweet decal belongs to a bread box that I got for a steal.  I love to keep fabric in these.

A bag of cards for just a few dimes.  

Remember these great cards that held money...too cute. 

Vivid colors.

Stunning images.

These are the kind that define an era of greeting cards. 

Each one different than the one before.

With images inside that cover both pages.

Sayings from old.

With details that reflect their age.  Roller skates and hat pins!

These are the images on the cute TRIMZ wallpaper.  

These are just the right size (3") to  craft with.

Remember that list?  I got what I went for...a toy iron.  I just grabbed a couple of really good buys too.  Like that blow mold Santa that jumped in my arms and said take me home.  I can't say no to blow molds and it is Santa no less.  How cute will he be next Christmas!

Another cold day tomorrow with very few estate sales.  We are going to start out in the negatives I wonder if its worth it?  

Maybe I'll just stay in and rearrange the new stuff!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I'd say that was a pretty good jaunt thru the store. Love the shelves and the card for the dimes. I hit an antique mall today - strolled thru with my extra hot skinny chai latte..but left empty had a much better day!

kluless said...

These are great finds. I am impressed that you go with a list. I just wander in an aimless junking coma - LOL! Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Unknown said...

Oh My Gosh, I remember the coin cards! Imagine how cheap children would think we were today if we gave them a card full of nickles! Too funny! I absolutely will make you a Valentine! I may never stop making them they are just so much fun! I hope you are enjoying your projects! Can't wait to see finished results! Elizabeth

Valerie said...

Oh your findings look fun. I will be doing that come Sunday morning. I hope there are some good items to be had then. I'm itching. I'd like to see a picture of the glass towel holder after it finds its resting place.