Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This and That

Most of this week has been spent tying up loose ends and finishing up a few projects.  I worked on some more tags to try and refine my paper crafting skills.  I have to say I am a bit intimidated by all these great crafters.  Paper crafting is not new to me, I have been doing it for years, but I joined the digital world for brief time and things changed overnight it seems.  Everyone seems so advanced I feel like I need to pick up the pace.  Oh boy I feel old.

After scanning in some of my patterns, I went to work adding more than just paper.  Stitching the buttons on and adding a snap for the flower on the cap was my first step outside the box.

My first Valentine!  This time I went even bolder...some vintage sheet music, book pages, millinery, sequence, snaps, rick rack, and glitter.  I struggled all day with this one.  Just not easy for me to combine things in my mind.  I can't seem to get past this crafting block.

Back to my comfort zone...too cute little silverware drawer.  Except I haven't figured out what to do with it.  I like it, but not with these tools in it.  Great, back to my crafting block.

I finished the great little shelf I found last week.  I am loving the new yellow color.  My little enamel containers fit great.  I will be looking for some more.  Sadly, there are some great sales tomorrow and we are currently in the middle of a 10 inch snow storm.  They have already canceled school.  Looks like my luck isn't turning around anytime soon...bummer.


Sandy said...

I think your cards are perfectly darling. I get that crafters block alot too.... sometimes things just don't flow as easily as they should.
The rick rack and music paper...sweet as can be. And, the flowers in the tree, love them.
Lovely cards!!! xoso Sandy O

Free Pretty Things For You said...

SO glad you loved the wraps!!!! :D

Nan said...

Oh my gosh her skate wheels are snaps!! I love it. You are so clever and I know what you mean about everyone so advanced. I feel way left behind let me tell you. Not sure I'll ever catch up with these gals.

craftyles said...

Your valentine is perfect. I love how creative you were in putting it together. Also love the little red iron. I just got one with a black handle last weekend and can't wait to use it in a display.

★Carol★ said...

You have nothing to feel intimidated about....that valentine is SO cute! In fact, you've inspired me, because I feel the same way about my paper crafting. I need to push it to the limit next time! Love your blog, and I'm your newest follower!
Happy Weekend!