Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wreath make-over

Let me start by saying, I am not a wreath person.  I have two one for all season and one for Christmas.  They stump me.  I can never get them to turn out right.  The ones that you buy are outrageously priced.  Enter, the creativity of a Horticulturalist and her tools...

Last season, Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hill's had this bird cage hanging from her door beautifully adorned with white flowers.  Lucky for us she sold them at her store.  They are meant to be a note hanger and came with clothes pin.  I followed Mary Carol clearly the rule breaker that she is.  Better to call her a trend setter.  She is such a lovely lady.

As a gardener, vintage tools are certainly one of my favorites collections.  An old garden fork and shovel criss crossed over a nice branch of dogwood and some daisies.  

Tucked in a pair of garden gloves to add some volume.  Again, this bow had me stumped...upholstery strapping gives that burlap look and rustic feel.  

As my luck would have it, we need a new hose so I grabbed up the old one and claimed it as mine.  The color was perfect for me.  I tried to keep the hose end around the bow so that it would show.  The bow ends up flattened because the wreath is sandwiched between the front door and storm door.  It is far to windy in Kansas for it to swing freely outside on its own.

 For a non-wreath person I am happy with the result.  With any luck I won't have to come up with anything new for a few years. 


DianeM said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! Great job :)
Smiles, DianeM

★Carol★ said...

I'm not much of a wreath girl either, but I DO like to have something hanging on my door at all times. Your wreath has all of the things that I love too! And I'm a birdcage fanatic, so I would love to find a flat one like yours. For being a non-wreath person, you made one very nice wreath!

Linda Ruthie said...

I love that you took a garden hose and tools and made a wonderful wreath! Very creative!!!

kluless said...

This turned out wonderful and I love that you used the upholstery webbing. I have some of that around here someplace. Hmm... Thank you for sharing!